Hot Right Now: Pump the breaks, car selfies ahead (46 Photos)

Imagine waking up in this hotel room after a long night of tripping acid (7 photos)

Here’s another video colab between Tilt and Big Adict:

Endless Obsession song and video available on Itunes HERE

  • we todd

    What a couple of deuchebags.

    • you todd.

      are either one of them german? that's the only minor way you can be less of an asshole.

  • JJJJ

    I don't get it. It looks very unfinished. If you're going to do it – do it all the way!

  • Ruger

    This would be awesome. I could just imagine my druelling mass of hallucinogenic flesh trying to figure out which side to inhabit.

  • nfloridarednek

    I think I'm having flashbacks.

  • http://thechive Brock hay


  • Bob

    #1 meh……………….. seen much better that ain't art it is just a mess

  • Vent187

    Do you think they get pissed if you move furniture around?

  • Anonymous

    Depending on which side you woke up on you would either think you where still tripping or you had died. Either is less than ideal.

  • Kirsten Browne

    Depending on which side you woke up on you would either think that you where still tripping or that you had in fact, died. Neither are ideal.

  • Danny

    Graffiti is ugly as shit inside or outside. Knock it off monkeys.

  • etcrr

    One of the dumbest things I've ever seen

  • GTi_Rcdn

    #13 first person i've seen taking a hoot on the chive to date!

  • Amy Harrell

    If that doesn’t throw somebody into an epileptic fit nothing will!

  • 11th Airborne

    AFTER a long night of tripping balls?? AFTER? id like start to PEAK just as a walk in to this room!

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