• http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

    Why were people from the OPPOSING team running towards the mob? Shouldn't they be sittin' back all "BULLSHIT!!!" and throwing themselves pity parties?

  • Qwerty

    Wow that announcer is gay.

  • K3

    Anybody else see the little kid in the red trip after the win

    • Dang

      Lol I thought so too, but he was actually knocked down by the guy in the yellow shirt, who didn’t even help him up..

  • Go Cougs

    Makes me glad we have BYU has an HD channel I can watch the games on. And plays in a gym bigger than a local rec center.

    • Go Cougs

      *makes me glad BYU has

  • amaze

    is it just me or did the red team shooter's left foot hit the line?

  • Dan E

    Gotta love the flag guy.

  • Anonymous

    @ 1:45ish what’s with the cow in the cheerleader outfit?

    Oh my goodness!
    That just happened!

  • Dave

    That's great that they got Jello Biafra to announce the game. Hear the similarity in this video…

  • lol

    so this wasn't worth it. hardly the first half court shot game winner /yawn

  • Anthony

    Could we all just take a minute and look at how big the cheerleader was on the far end!
    What the hell was a whale doing at a basketball game?

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  • Jay

    Meh, refer to the other post today, ‘meanwhile in Africa’

  • Dave

    Is it customary or basketball games at college level to have such low scoring affairs?

  • clay

    anyone see the kid eat shit at 3:06?

  • Raddory Gewe

    You can always tell bad commentary when they start screaming at a lucky shot. Never scream in commentary. It's horrid.

  • Sauk Fox


  • CppBroncos

    Go broncos!!!!!

  • love the cute people

    so sad ( 03:06 guy in yell top left pushes lil boy in red )

  • BKH

    2:12 There must be a shallow pool of talent for cheerleaders at that school!!! 🙂

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