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Meanwhile, in Africa (27 photos)

  • Harleyxx

    #11 Are you sure this isn't Detroit?

    • JohnnyBravo

      Faggot it inside your moms Vagina

  • Harleyxx

    #20 Meanwhile in Compton…

  • joesudz

    Stuf. This is for ur bitchass

  • therealstake

    #3. Stuf, bro, wtf did you do to your neck man?!

  • triple penis

    Whats up Mbutu!!!!!

  • Ricardo

    Sadest post ever

  • John

    This whole post is extremely racist.

    • @mayerjacoby

      i agree John

  • fresh

    Just married

  • dan

    How is this racist? Africans do stupid shit all the time. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER POPULATION ON EARTH!

    • @mayerjacoby

      not racist dan, just in poor taste 🙂

  • Kevin

    #14 is actually a picture taken from Lousiana during Hurricane Katrina

  • etcrr

    #3 the long neck bottle

  • paul

    # 7…

    Look much closer.

  • @mayerjacoby

    Hey guys, just my two cents, follow me on twitter if you want @mayerjacoby, but the africa post the chive put on earlier is super offensive. I know people are saying it's against Stuf, and he is annoying as f@ck, but that was just over the line

    • Dr. Evil

      Shut-up stuf, we all know this is you!

  • cecep

    # He is wearing koteka. Koteka originally from Papua Barat, native Papuans wearing koteka not African. KCCO.

  • cecep

    #3 He is wearing koteka. Koteka originally from Papua Barat, native Papuans wearing koteka not African. KCCO.

  • @mayerjacoby

    I find the user comments on this atrocious. In addition, why does the chive think genocide is a funny thing or "weird" or weird foreigners?

    I don't understand the logic on this. I like the idea of joking about some stereotypes, but to exploit and make fun of war is just wrong.

  • stuf

    Hey no big rant from me. This is just sad. Chive really out did itself.

  • CzarCzarBinks

    #23 me too man…me too.

  • cooter

    Something tells me that none of you find the mean while in Russia pics racist. Racism can’t be a double standard so let’s start thinking before posting. Kcco

  • DotsOfColor

    Reblogged this on Dots Of Color.

  • WhateverMan

    I live in South Africa and I've never seen any of these things. Except #9 and 10. And #16.

    • @mayerjacoby

      right on .

  • MajorMinor

    Not surprised at Chivers to think child soldiers, war, rape, and domestic violence in Africa is funny. Not surprised at all.


  • unreal

    Funny stuff

  • ZebraLady

    Is this for Black History Month. Shoulda DAR’d black humps smh

  • Mattyb

    LOVE thechive and i definitely think stuf is certifiable but this was done in poor taste. the title just set a bad tone and it seemed like the aim was more to humiliate than make fun of

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