Meanwhile, in Africa (27 photos)

  • SA Texas Chiver

    #3 DAMN!!

  • gordo54

    #18–ev'ry day I'm shufflin'…

  • big baby jesus

    Let's send more money to the ni-

  • ALAR

    I disagree with those of you who think this is racist… You do realize that the more you say it’s racist the more it appears that way to everyone else… The chive posts pictures of people doing stupid stuff every day and we laugh at them and that’s why we as chivers continue to support this site… There are always “meanwhile in,” posts and we were ok with it… But just because this involves Africa it’s now racist? Find the humor in this…


    • Olson777

      That’s the way it works. Doesn’t bother anyone if it’s “meanwhile in Appalachia”. It’s not racist though because, in the words of the great Richard Pryor, there is no N-bombs in Africa. Can’t we move on? We elected a black man as president. Stupidity doesn’t discriminate.

  • Geoff

    No. 3 is not Africa. It's Papua new Guinea.

  • pvtcowboy

    Funny. Nobody ever complains about all the redneck posts…hmmm

  • booger

    #21 seems legit

  • NorthCarolinaguy

    #14 I would like to buy the world a coke ……… Then set said world on fire

  • T-bird

    #18… African blind date. #19… African Bluetooth device.

  • GuySmiley

    Hahaha! Great comment, and no reverse-racist crybabies yet. They're probably all out protesting rainbows for not having any black in them.

  • benjamin

    lol – training child soldiers to fight in bloody civil wars! definitely funny.

  • Two bit dick

    #23 bahahahahahahahah

  • mike

    See? The chive isn’t racist! There’s all kinds of black people in this post!

  • Waty

    Mean while in the city of Atlanta…

  • Dr. Evil

    This post was done to troll stuf/boobies/mayerjacoby, wasn't it?

  • Zee

    RACISTS! Read a little and quite trying to justify your racism. Help the world by teaching yourself about your own covert racist beliefs. “humor” can be racist too, if you call this post humor.

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