No context needed (20 Photos)

  • Superty

    I cant beleive this took 2 years to show up! i was there

    • TheDude

      Hipster alert

  • Ulvhade

    #2 BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When you're down here with us, you'll float too!

  • sjon

    still don't get #1

  • Guest

    #13 …. gayer than Twilight

    • Ulvhade

      Nothing…I repeat nothing…is "gayer" than Twilight

  • jinx

    #7 has an awesome blog with a photo of this nature taken almost every day. Great work with no Photoshop.

  • Gimlet mike

    #20 Cut that out! Don't you know that nature abhors a vacuum!

  • Evan

    #18 I’ve been trying to send the chive evans beer for a long time now

  • Steph

    What is the name of the blog?

  • Tallminglecom

    Hey guys.
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  • Rick T.

    Fix your app Chive. This is bull shit.

  • cecep

    #12 DENSUS 88 or Special Detachment 88.

  • reallystoned

    #19 lmao, that's so fucking funny

  • TripAndDie

    #12 the guy with the camera holds all the power

  • boobRgood

    anyone else think #8 mona diesel looks like Ra from the first Stargate movie?

  • roly

    #15 Judging by the amount of blood, someone will have a hard time sitting!

  • K Money

    #19: “yes! We can stay!”

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