The Chivette Spring Break final contestants. Vote for your favorite! (28 Photos)

theCHIVE and 21 Jump Street are headed to Vegas for Spring Break March 8th - 11th, and we're bringing two lucky Chivettes with us.

The 5 Chivette Spring Break finalists are finally here for you to vote on. Thanks to all the Chivettes who submitted, we really appreciated the creativity and thought you put into your amazing submissions. We've narrowed the field to the top 5 and now it's up to the Chivers to decide who will go on an all-expenses-paid Spring Break to Las Vegas!

Cast your vote below and we'll see you in Vegas! You can only vote once but the Chivettes with the top 2 vote tallies will win the dream Spring Break vacation.

Editor: Asa and Ellen count as 1 submission only (b/c they’re freaking attached at the hip). If they win there will still be an additional Chivette winner.

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  • leunin

    Erryn Finck for sure

  • Clay

    Sorry bout your hair dude! Go Erin Young!!!

  • square

    Erin Young!

  • chivechive

    I’m pissed. I decided not to try cuz I thought there would be so many awesome entries that my lack of connections would be pointless…..THESE ARE LAME! come on ladies. Be creative 😦 but. Bungie jumping and zip line are in the right direction and everyone loves mud wrestling….cutting someone’s hair? Really? You think that’s Vegas worthy??

    • duhh

      apparently dummy!

  • Bob

    Sarah Jay

  • Matt

    Erin Young! She must win. 🙂

  • Johnnyblaze420


  • http://thechive o.g

    Erin erin erinnnnnnn! 🙂

  • 0meowkitcat0

    #17 🙂 for sure!!!

  • TIM

    none of the above. tattoo's = no.

  • Jack

    Erin. Absolutely amazing.

  • Luis Marroquin

    #3 who in their right mind would break up with Erin? but as they say… for every hot girl, there is a guy who is tired of her shit. lol

  • chiver332

    Asa and ellen may count as one selection but they are two people so take their votes divide by two and the two erins win. If it takes two girls who post/promote themselves all over twitter to beat one girl who doesn't even have facebook or twitter clearly they do not deserve to win. Nothing against the girls personally yes they are hot but erryn is hotter than both of them and she at least came up with an idea and didn't use the suggestion made in the chive post.

  • Andrew

    Erin for sure. Didn’t need to look at any more

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