The St. Patrick’s Day KCCO has arrived!

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ireland lead The St. Patricks Day KCCO has arrived!

The wait is over, it’s here.

With St. Paddy’s day on a Saturday this year, you’ll need the Luck o’ the Irish to get your hands on this special-edition shirt.

St. Paddy’s KCCO available right here.

Good Luck!

INSTANT UPDATE: The KCCO’s are not Sold Out. But the overwhelming demand for the shirt is crashing all of Shopify, our eCommerce ordering system. We are trying to resolve the issue with them right now and we’re sorry for this Irish shitshow.

UPDATE #2: In order to remedy the issue, the Shopify Admins have marked the KCCO Irish ‘Sold Out’. It is not. The checkout page was receiving to many hits. Shopify is hoping to have a solution in place shorty. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE #3: Shirts are back online. They will last a couple more minutes.

All sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Zach

    Thanks chive. I got an idea why dont you scale back the number of gaps, flbp’s, humps, hip bones to 5 a week. Like your piss pore supply of shirts. Less is more right.

  • Todd

    Sometimes when I’m alone I like to rub Vaseline all over myself and pretend I’m a slug.

  • mikey

    When will bfm shirts come in

  • Devon

    check out idivemike on ebay selling 10 shirts @ $175 a piece….
    idivemike …. hope you read this and promptly fall face first in some dog shit.

    and for the Chive.. you owe us one hell of a humpday tomorrow

  • Mattyb
  • http://Chive Halibut killer

    If u only make 34 shirts and sell them in 0.5 seconds

    What chance do I have.

    So I’m making my own

    • Matt

      Halibut killer, I have been thinking the same thing!!! Make my own. But does that down grade my true chiver status???

      • http://Chive Halibut killer

        No i don’t think it should down grade your chiver statice it should
        Make u more proud to b a chiver
        And let every one know how proud u are
        Chive on fellow chiver
        Chive on

  • WashingtonChiver

    idivemike on eBay is a douchebag. You aren't a really Chiver dude. I hope you're stuck with those shirts and your lousy investment. Oh I got my shirt today, but I had some real self control and chose to buy just one, rather than 15, so that other Chivers & Chivettes had a chance. You see yourself as a businessman, but I see you as bringing a black cloud of Chive karma on yourself.

    There's times to redeem yourself by selling them for a small (say $5 profit) rather than the exorbitant amount you're trying to extract. Just saying the karma of Chive will come down on you my friend…..

  • Matt

    Wow a day later and I cant get one. My dreams are CRUSHED!

  • Cedar

    Brutal, I tried earlier and the site was having technical difficulties, I check back later and they're sold out?! Sorry I have a job and can't sit around all day clicking refresh! Looks like Chive made money and douches on eBay as well. Learn about supply and demand Chive! It's a novel concept. Keep fucking over your loyal fans and Chive on I guess.

  • dadsplace415

    Fucking assholes on ebay, not true chivers.

  • Daratora

    you see the trick was to go to paypal, not check out:)

  • Pretty pissed off

    Brutal, I tried earlier and the site was having technical difficulties, I check back later and they're sold out?! Sorry I have a job and can't sit around all day clicking refresh! Looks like Chive made money and douches on eBay as well. Learn about supply and demand Chive! It's a novel concept. Keep fucking over your loyal fans and Chive on I guess.

    I couldn't agree more with this comment. I was on the site at 11:30 waiting for them to be released. I found myself mashing refresh in anticipation. Of course your shit ecommerce site crashed, and after about an hour of trying to get it to load, I had to give up and head to work as well. Fuck you chive, and most of all fuck the douchebags selling the shirts on ebay.

  • chris lee

    Fuck a bunch of that nonsense. Just had 12 of my own made for me and 3 other chivers/chivettes. Now i have 3 to wear and do with as i please.

  • Kyle L

    Thx Chive!! My fucking birthday is St Patricks day and I had a shirt in my.cart to buy…ur Damn site kicked me out and hence I didn’t get one… u ruined my bday wish!!

    • adam

      Wow! You sound like a little girl! "I wanted a pony for my birthday!"

  • Jeremy

    To those of you complaining that theChive should just order more shirts. You should know this:
    According to their advertsing page they 8.1 million unique visitors per month. Lets say only 1% of the visitors /month (extremely conservative) order a shirt, thats 80,000 t-shirts. So don't complain that they don't have enough.

  • The Right Coast

    I'm thinking about the last shirt I got from Chive. I normally wear an XL and ordered a XXL. It fits tight. The material is so thin I can read through the black fabric. And I paid $24 dollars for it. Are you guys buying sweat shop products and raping us for them? Were these shirts made by a 6 year old being paid 12 cents a day? I'm feeling a little guilty now. Shame on you. And shame on the rest of us for buying them and contributing to the oppression of children in the third world. You're just a bunch of greeny weenie, tree hugging, liberal hypocrites.

  • iceman

    Chive t-shirt ordering=clusterfuck! Making my own=lost $ for the clusterfuckers. Kcco!

  • Adam

    I know why everyones upset, I basically stopped my day yesterday to get this shirt. And not only did they release it early but couldnt even keep up with the demand. I dont blame the Chive tho. They said it was the website who couldnt handle the influx. Plus CHive made it very clear these shirts were limited and exclusive! Did I have one in my cart? Yep! Did it crash? Yep! Am i sad? A little. But i fucking love Chive! And like the one post said yesterday "Sometimes you forgive ppl because you still want them in your life!" KCCO People!

  • Charley

    What I don't understand is how, while you're checking out with a shirt in your cart, it suddenly becomes unavailable or out of stock. That is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I like when the douches buy KCCO shirts and then posts them on eBay for 250$ makes me feel like happy butterflies

  • Hobo with a shotgun

    Just had 100 shirts made….for 8 bucks each, will sell them for 15 bucks each… everyones happy. Maybe hats and koozies next go round.

  • jeff

    The demand is there, so you guys need to boost your output. Invest in the sweatshop business.

  • Brett M

    I think the chive should have a “screen out douchebags who buy 10 shirts to put on eBay” filter on their we store.

  • Brett M

    I think thechive should have a “screen out douchebags who buy 20 shirts to put on eBay” filter.

  • Derek

    While I realize that you guys are attempting to artificially inflate demand by keeping the supply needlessly limited, I have to think that it is not the most sound of business strategies. You would not have to lower prices if you increased the supply to what the market is demanding. If these shirts were readily available, customers would still be willing to pay the same price. The voraciousness with which these limited runs are overtaken should clearly indicate to you that you would be making more money while at the same time harboring good will with your fans. That's a win/win in my book. If in actuality you are limiting the runs in the interest of making these shirts available only to the hardcore fans, well then that is a situation just begging for knock-offs, as has already been shown to be the case right here in this thread. Cheers.

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