The St. Patrick’s Day KCCO has arrived!

ireland lead The St. Patricks Day KCCO has arrived!

The wait is over, it’s here.

With St. Paddy’s day on a Saturday this year, you’ll need the Luck o’ the Irish to get your hands on this special-edition shirt.

St. Paddy’s KCCO available right here.

Good Luck!

INSTANT UPDATE: The KCCO’s are not Sold Out. But the overwhelming demand for the shirt is crashing all of Shopify, our eCommerce ordering system. We are trying to resolve the issue with them right now and we’re sorry for this Irish shitshow.

UPDATE #2: In order to remedy the issue, the Shopify Admins have marked the KCCO Irish ‘Sold Out’. It is not. The checkout page was receiving to many hits. Shopify is hoping to have a solution in place shorty. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE #3: Shirts are back online. They will last a couple more minutes.

All sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Agustin Ortiz

    Does anyone know the font used on these shirts?

    • Chiver

      celtic garamond the 2nd

  • TradingHub

    hey dumbos.. just make your own KCCO shirt.. pretty simple.. can even make them better.. like the 'keep calm & kill zombies' shirt..

  • Anonymous

    Let’s boycott virginity

  • Pissed Off

    I spend most of my day on here……..all i fricking wanted was to overpay for a goddamn t-shirt and I can't even do that. Think you guys would have your shit together when you post something like this.

  • Bird

    Fuck u chive….

  • Mikey

    Checking everyday for new prints of BFM, KCCO, and DAR> i hope to get lucky sometime.
    Please make more shirts.

  • Schlitz

    1; thank you Chive for the site, love the pics
    2; grabbed a Murray 3D, great design, crappy shirt
    3: kept calm, chived (or rather carried) on and went old school for the shirts. Got two for the price of a chive.
    Keep Calm and Carry On

  • Luis

    Will trade Mens XL St. Patrick's Day KCCO for Nike+ Fuel Band

    I got lucky with one, but not the other :/

  • jondrethegiant

    I'm just going to make my own! Fuck you guys!

  • http://theChive John. A-Team gpor crew

    The Chivery sux !! Everything is always sold out !!! The only place to find your tshirts is on ebay for upwards of 50-70 dollars a piece !!!

  • Niko

    Dear Chive. My birthday is in 4 days, and I’ve been doing EVERYTHING I can to get my hands on a KCCO shirt to wear out for my Dirty 30 bday Party, but to no avail. Everyone has asked what I want for my bday, and I told everyone… a KCCO shirt. And everyone that has asked has said the same thing. “Sorry buddy. They were sold out”. Now how am I supposed to rep the best website on the net?

  • EOD Guy

    Ya know what's awesome? There is a guy on Ebay right now with 3 XL's for $105 bucks a piece! Douche bag…

  • jimmy conley

    Trying to keep calm but its not easy when your Irish, you love the chive, but just can’t seem to get a shirt and represent!!!!

  • Yuki

    The app sucks so don’t bother. The actaul web page loads faster, has gifs that work, and is easier to navigate. I’m not sure why you would make the app a crappier, slower, less streamlined version of your site, but then I don’t understand the appeal of the brigade trolls either. KCCO

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