• pufffdragon

    I need to change my Dentist. She obviously getting the good stuff.

    • julio

      this video fucking sucks!!!

  • whats in my mouth

    my d

  • Rikki

    OMG! I'm crying xD

  • Bong Breath

    Pretty humorous.

  • Case

    I'm under 18 so I can say, "please find her"

  • Jake

    This girl is hotter

    • nick

      I beg to differ, that girl is chunky lookin

    • Super Pants

      Lies! I toally agree with nick.
      Also, it doesn't seem as genuine and fun to watch. No look of utter confusion or constant questions.

    • usmcfiredog

      FIND HER!!!! 🙂

  • Lower

    Never go full retard.

    I think it was Gauze!

    • Owen Smithers

      I'd double up-thumb that one, if I could. You NEVER go full retard!

      But why is there gauze in her mouth?

  • Jack K

    Didn't the internet already come out with an awesome post-dentist video? David something?

  • anguish

    Okay, I laughed probably way more than I should have..

  • leafsfan2005

    ROTFLMAO – I could have sworn someone was looping that 4 or 5 times… funny stuff.

  • Colin

    David's sister after the dentist

  • Underbaker

    Almost choked on my sandwich, should nick name her Dory.

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  • broseidon

    jail bait

  • Will

    You did what? Fuck you mom!!

  • sean

    holy ish thats hilarious

  • Matt

    I'll have what she's having!

  • Ty

    I don't think she would be allowed to have painted nails or jewelry when getting her wisdom teeth out. It's a surgery. I'm calling BS

    • myself

      My mother had a knee replaced and she was allowed to keep in earrings as long as they did not dangle and she had her nails done as well. Oh, and she kept on her wedding ring too. They care a great deal more about things like makeup and lotions now.

    • Noah

      wouldn't be allowed to have painted nails? do you understand the concept of surgery?

      • Zach

        apparently you don't understand the concept of surgery… read a book tard!

        • RONburgundy

          its dental surgery… point being that your mouth is already used to airborne bacteria so its A OKAY to look a lil good

  • chris

    Is this real life? lol

  • myself

    The funny thing is no matter how whacked someone is tell them not to touch something and the hand jerks away automatically.

  • NaTaS


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    Wisdom tooth it is great problem! 🙂

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