Animals that don’t suck (40 Photos)

  • JerryLinGiant

    #39 LIONO!

    • JerryLinGiant

      whoops now that i think about it def meant cheetarah!

    • dashete

      Try telling that ginger it has no soul.

    • WhiteShepherd07

      That's a liger isn't it?

      • Katie

        I think it is a tigon (or tiglon). Male tiger, female lion. A liger is a male tion and female tiger.

        • ATouchofInsanity

          Actually, it is a rare genetic defect called a strawberry or blonde tiger. The coloring of the stripes is lighter than typical tigers and the coat is thicker. It's caused by too much in-breeding, same as blue tigers (like #8) and white tigers. It's all in the genetics.

  • MattKL

    #15 "Yes, bring the bacon here, Jeeves."

    • Dr. Fap

      #34 Dogs planking > Humans planking

  • Stephen

    #6 nick nolte?

    • Chi_Dave

      I'm thinkin Gary Busey

      • dkptig

        definitely gary busey, the OP got his gravely voiced alcoholics wrong.

    • Rhayzor

      All I know is I want a Halloween mask like that!

  • Elbie

    Hello there, ladies! #28

    • ChelseaRules

      "I don't always stick my head out of my kitty condo…"

  • Muck Fizzou

    #17 is my friends dog! He is never going to believe this!! First YouTube sensation and now on the Chive, epic!

    • Katie

      Awesome dog

    • RCJH

      I complement your name sir

    • pinky thumbs


      T ROB = POY

  • Andy Valentine

    #29 – Dogception


    it ain't gonna suck itself

    • Taco_Depot

      but damnit, i'll try!

  • Mee

    #8 Is a false colour photo, no maltese tigers have been seen for 100 years and there genes are presumed extinct

    • Peter

      What a hacked chop… You can see the edges in parts are colored

    • Thoridin58

      The Maltese tiger, or blue tiger, is a semi-hypothetical coloration morph of a tiger, reported mostly in the Fujian Province of China. It is said to have bluish fur with dark grey stripes. Most of the Maltese tigers reported have been of the South Chinese subspecies. The South Chinese tiger today is critically endangered, and the "blue" alleles may be wholly extinct. Blue tigers have also been reported in Korea, home of Siberian tigers. WIKIPEDIA


        If you're trying to argue that Maltese tigers are still alive and kicking then I wouldn't reference Wikipedia. Still, I don't doubt that they could be out there! 🙂

        • Stewie

          They're shacked up with Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      relax guise

      he's just hurling blue waffles

  • Qwixel

    #35 – ok everybody, fox viewing positions!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #26 yeah hi, im trying to burp him for 3 hours now and nothing. can you help me?

  • Cosby Sweater

    #29 Yo dawg we heard you like dawgs…..

    • SadeShadz

      … so we put dogs on your dog's dog! xD smh

  • aciekay

    #6 i foresee a new meme.

    • Apocalypse_Now

      #20 could be

  • dashete

    #3 Fine if no one's gonna put it out there, I will:

    That bull's head must be really tired because its horns are so big.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Don't be silly. It's shopped. Those are Angelina Jolie's legs.

    • guest

      we have those at a zoo type place near where i live.

    • guest veterinarian

      It's a Watusi cattle. The large horns are for heat exchange

    • Huberus Hanson

      possibly overcompensating for something?

    • dashete

      Last time I try misdirect humour on the chive.

  • AmBush_Steve

    #25 – Whoooo's gonna let me out?

  • Thee Chad

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    Animals that don’t suck.

  • Brian


    Yea, so, I went with the silicon horn implants instead of the saline. It gives them a more natural feel and I think is in keeping with my natural proportions.

  • Doctor_What

    Enough… Bring on the sluts.

  • badmatty

    #26 makes me laugh

  • DotsOfColor

    Reblogged this on Dots Of Color.

  • SadeShadz

    #29 Got me! ♥
    #33 Don't really like them but this is cool.

  • Veloci

    #28 Sup?

  • @mayerjacoby

    if you're upset about the t-shirts or anything about the chive, go to my twitter @mayerjacoby and register a complaint

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    #39 is breath taking 🙂 *rawr*

  • John

    #28 God awful fake

    • Dr. Fap

      You mad bro?

    • HamSamich

      my wife's cat does that a lot. Minus the facial expression.

  • Craigery

    Is #8 real? If so, it's even cooler than a liger.

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