• Anonymous

    Dear diary,

    Jack pot.

  • Anonymous

    That gene pool needs more chlorine.

  • Keith_D

    I see her mouth moving, but all I hear is… The TV.

    Because I turned the volume off on the computer.

  • Drc

    Wow, her mom should of taken that kids webcam away, or had an abortion…..just sayin

  • hampsterwheelenergy

    I guess the world really is coming to an end this year… and don't blame the kids we should abort the parents and substitute them with someone that doesn't think that they are simply raising a gold fish.

  • faceies

    should have hade a v8 winged at her fore head

  • dfkjf

    Can we remove April 25th so maybe she'll die?

  • tinyonwirk

    Can we first start by addressing, who is the 20 year old that's still in high school?

  • Kris

    Parents should be proud (and shot)

  • bakerb30

    if i had a daughter like you i would abort you….i dont care if you had already been born…. i think the courts would side with me

  • Jahat

    I actually face palmed…

  • GreggMuntson

    "This is what society has come to"… indeed.

  • zack

    I love her

  • Austin

    Please find this girl so I can back hands the shit out of her.

  • RWW

    somebody needs to cleanse the gene pool…LIKE NOW

  • @JoshDWReeve

    She…..her…..what…… No, I got nothing.

  • Ford

    If this is how society is going to be? Like yesterday someone woke up and was like tomorrow were gonna make Feb. longer by one day? DUMBASS….

  • james

    shoot her parents for doing such a lousy job in raising this P.O.S.

  • Chris Matos

    Is this a goof?

  • Scott Thacker

    Just a reflection of today’s public schools & poor parenting. But thanks to both we have a wonderful site to see them roftlmao

  • Anonymous

    She should just shut up and show her tits

  • Random Sandle

    Dirty Bitch.

  • noah

    i hate you

  • Becca3234

    Julius Caesar was behind the origin of leap year in 45 BC. ( dumb ass girl) The early Romans had a 355 day calendar and to keep festivals occurring around the same season each year a 22 or 23 day month was created every second year. Julius Caesar decided to simplify things and added days to different months of the year to create the 365 day calendar, the actual calculation were made by Caesar's astronomer, Sosigenes. Every fourth year following the 28th day of Februarius (February 29th) one day was to be added, making every fourth year a leap year.( go to school stupid brat and learn something )

  • Mike

    She shouldn't be allowed to procreate

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