Hungry? Some of the best breakfast joints in America (28 Photos)

  • parlay

    #26, #2

    Anybody else fucking starving?

    • Kenny

      mother's debris poboy might be one of the top ten sandwiches ever.

      • Johhnyslappingham

        Eating there reminded me of the Seinfeld episode with the soup nazi. Not that the people working there were scary, just that we were so afraid of screwing up the system of ordering and failing to get our food. I've tried several times to recreate debris to no avail. Guess i'll just have to go back.

    • CC1205

      I am NOW!

    • john long

      Yes. And this post was still shit.

      "I know this great restaurant in blah that serves really good food. Look, here's a picture. You probably live half a fucking world away, but if you ever happen to be in blah, do check it out."

      • Tim

        don't hate…it's about good food. nothing else.

      • The other white meat

        I like to see these lists. When I travel it gives me great options other than the Applebee's across from the hotel

        • john long

          Fair points. Turns out I had the hunger strops. Now fed and all is good with the world once again…especially since they just posted the hump 😉

    • _maxPain_

      Look's better than DennY's and Howard Johnson's !!
      It's unfortunate we don't get much 'grits' in Canada..

    • NOLAsteve

      Nobody from New Orleans actually goes to Mother's – it's a tourist trap.
      As far as breakfast goes, Camellia Grill is always a favorite and Dante's Kitchen is a must for weekend brunch.

      • Andrew

        Camellia Grill is where its at if you go anytime after 2pm

    • mattythegooch

      Matt's is straight up TITS!! The shady Motel next door is a totally different scenerio………..

  • Jennifer


    Not a bad list at all actually imo.

    Chivers, the missing breakfast restaurants are:

    • Underbaker

      Any of the thousands of mom and pop Mexican restaurants in San Antonio that makes breakfast tacos. I know Bon Apetite magazine named Taco Taco the best in the country, great tortillas but I have had better charizzo and egg.

      • j22

        I live in SA and never heard of Taco Taco. How is this so? Also: Magnolia Pancake Haus.

        • Underbaker

          It is on Hildebrand about half way between San Pedro and 281, they don't open until 7am. Great tortillas, average everything else. Heard of Magnolia Haus, hope to try it out some day soon. If you are into breakfast buffets, that new Furrr's on 151 just outside 410 is pretty decent, breakfast on Fri, Sat and Sun.

    • Dr. Fap

      A place that I love to visit is called "Your Mom's Labia" Located conveniently between your mom's legs.

    • douche

      Blue Moon Cafe – Baltimore….Cap'n Crunch French Toast or Crab and Bacon Eggs Benedict…

    • Stu

      Beth's Cafe, Seattle. Home of the 12 egg omlette and endless hashbrowns. And not those crummy type of hash browns, either.

      • oh4fuckssake

        Beth's is garbage. The only people who go there are the ones not old enough to get into the 5 point.

    • EHM

      Adanbertos! They have wonderful big meals for any meal of the day but I love getting the Number 24: Bacon, Egg, Potato and Cheese.

    • Bunny on nite shift

      JAX at the Tracks in Truckee, CA. Crab cakes benedict will make you weep. Stellar service, too.

    • apwarner

      A mom-and-pop place called Sweet Memories in Emmaus, PA. Their Sunday brunch is incredible. Each week the menu is different and features things like S'mores Pancakes, Scrambled Egg Crepes, Cherry Cheesecake French Toast, "Chicken Cordon Blue" Chicken Salad, etc.

    • LBCer

      yaaa Schooner or later In LB cali wins em all

    • will

      King's Chef – Colorado Springs. Food fit for a king. Plus the restaurant looks like a castle.

  • cp7

    This all looks delicious. If you ever come to Louisville stop at Lynns Paradise Cafe… so damn good.

    • James

      That is a big YES! Great place you have to to believe. Words cannot explain it.

  • Will


    Wait, John is from Ft. Vegas???

    • um_yeah

      I live NW FW, going to have to venture over there. Nice plug John!

    • Sluttypanda

      If you're in Ft. Wayne, Cosmo's is also the shit. Visit my grandpa every year and we go there where he's basically a celebrity

    • Nate

      I was a big fan of Omega on Coliseum, but unfortunately I don't think it's there anymore.

    • bigjohn

      I grew up a mile from here. played wildcat baseball across the street.

  • tronner

    tipping point

  • Maurice

    That’s why you’re F A T ‘merica!

    • wisemx

      I think so too but I'm in Tennessee 🙂
      No breakfast for me in a decade and it keeps me felling much more energetic.
      (Espresso, Kombucha tea's and water.)

    • CaptainInsano

      Hell yeah

    • Dr. Fap

      Haters gonna hate

    • SAul

      breakfast in Amercia is like dessert in Europe. Waffles n shit :s

      • Underbaker

        They eat shit on their waffles in Europe? I suddenly don't feel like going there anymore.

    • Nickincollege

      Oh excuse me… I didn't know America was the only place in the world that serves breakfast.

      • Sticky Wickets

        yeah I'm pretty sure eggs and bacon have been around since the beginning of time

    • Not a fan

      Should be the title of this post. Now if you will excuse me, my grits and bacon are almost ready and it takes me a few minutes to get off the couch.

    • jer

      sorry I didn tknow that America is the only place that has FAT PEOPLE, fucking troll… if you look into history the glory of being fat dates back to 16th-19th century europe where someone was more attractive when they were fatter as it indicated they were well fed…. condsidering obesity was celebrated and encouraged in europe long before america was america I suggest you take your pathetic troll ass and GTFO

      • sfb101

        Well, there are more fat people per capita here then anywhere else on this planet fat boy.
        Get back to McDonalds and shut your pie hole.

        • j22

          lol. actually the USA no longer holds that title.

        • jer

          I do believe that our obesity rate has leveled off while the top contender for increasing obesity rate is is in the Middle East, now you stop with your insults and go suck on mommy's titty for comfort,

      • A Nuts Quiggler

        I had a poop fall oot of my butthole justa minute ago: I calls it 'poop' , eh?!

    • naa

      Fat and Happy!

    • j22

      Yes. This is correct. Food is why we are fat. Nice observation.

    • @mayerjacoby

      haha really funny

  • jeffro

    Breakfast should be every meal.

  • blako

    The Beacon- Wichita Kansas

    • CaptainInsano

      the real Beacon is in Spartanburg, SC

      • Underbaker

        No, the real Beacon is a theater in New York City.

    • Hazecaxx

      YUP! Beacon in Wichita all the fucking time when i was stationed at McConnell! that place is bangin

      • hazecaxx

        *I used to go to the….(no idea why that part was cut off)

  • yep

    love me some breakfast…. Blue Heaven in Key West should be on this list though.

    • Flip Wilson

      Blue Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayahh

  • AJ3351

    I got all homesick when I saw the Runcible Spoon. Yeah, B-town!

  • Anomanom

    If you're in Atlanta, GA hit up Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles on Peachtree St. If it's Sunday morning though, be prepared for a line.


      Yeah that place is fantastic

    • nuccabay

      which peachtree??? haha 6 months of living there and i still have no clue what road i was one…that place is awesome though!

  • Mr edison

    Man chive its weak today

    • joe

      So is your vagina but we don't hear your dad complaining

  • larf

    over easy in phoenix

    • jer

      hellyes, best breakfast ever their cheese omlet with the goat and feta cheese is EPIC!!!!! chive on from a fellow Phoenix chiver

      • Floopa_Joopa

        Seriously! So underrated! If I didn't live in Litchfield, I'd be there every morning. Fellow Phoenician Chivers unite!

        • jer

          breakfast first please

  • Wet_tosti

    The Roxborough hotel (Edinburgh Scotland) served warm porridge with whisky of choice! Told them to keep the porridge and double the Scotch!

  • dominantone

    Red Arrow Dinner Manchester NH

    • etcrr

      Open 24 hrs a day, and if you regularly go there they will remember your name and what you want

  • Rick

    Sylvester's, Northampton MA.

  • etcrr

    #5 Will rock your hunger big time it's a great place to eat

    • mid13

      Their Reuben is to die for. I'm gonna have to find #24 seeing how I now live in Philly

  • Btownswooshgang23

    #6, i'm a student here at IU and Runcible is a staple that must be tried. damn good food and a character of servers

  • anonymous

    Good Call with the Hamburg Inn. It's an Iowa City Classic. Out of this world omelettes make the perfect hangover food. Obama ate here and he said it was Da Bomb

  • Dan

    Wish I had #20 for breakfast!

    • jer

      minus 2 sausage patties and add bacon… how much you ask? all the bacon you have

  • Mathias Ze Great

    DeLucas in Pittsbugh needs a mention

  • the dude

    Stepping Stone Cafe, Portland OR

    • Powder

      Love the Stepping Stone Cafe! However, my wife loves scones and we've been searching for a great scone since Pa's Kettle closed a few years ago. Zell's will be my destination this Saturday morning!

  • Dan

    If you go to Harrisburg, PA, I recommend the Capitol Diner. Always get great food and good service. Place is always busy.

    • Dunny_

      Thanks, we'll have to remember that since we don't know of a good breakfast place except for the Pennsylvania Bakery.
      From Hershey area, work on West Shore. Chive on Dan.

    • twoedges

      If you go to Harrisburg, I recommend that you don't go to Harrisburg. Go to Philly instead.

  • ckruk

    Miss Shirley's in Baltimore has some of the best breakfast ever

    • Bullwinkle

      I was about to mention the missing Baltimore spots….I see your Miss Shirley's and trump you a Blue Moon Cafe. You can't beat Captain Crunch French Toast!

  • djsammyskillz

    The Anchor Grill in Covington Kentucky. They serve Exclusively Breakfast food, open 24 hrs, and their prime time of traffic is between the hours of 2:00 am – 4:00am. It also has this a disco ball and a sweet little mechanical puppet show big band that plays and moves around whenever you play a song off the jukebox

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