I love Russian club girls but I’m not sure about the company they keep (34 Photos)

  • Bonjo89

    #23 …just the tip?

  • NotJohnnyGuido

    Wow…Russian Guidos….Now I've seen it all….

  • Yep

    Who the fuck do we think we are to judge these men by solely their looks?
    … you're still at home in front of your computer; they are out partying with hot chicks.

  • Zak

    Not your best post, Chive. #34 was interesting, but too much weirdness on the way…

  • UGTP

    Thats why when we go over to Russia they're all over our nuts cuz they're always stuck with these cheesedicks..

  • AndreLei

    # 30

  • Chode Brogan

    #19 looks like an exotic emma watson

  • Marcis

    #6 IN LOVE

  • Anothermuser


  • Sploosh

    Russians have one upped america on guidos

  • Mishell

    Im so glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I did too and im closer to my two year mark, its so excinitg.Hope all is well and please keep in touch!

  • Aztek

    #16 find her please chive

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