Look honey, I bought a new hyper-realisitc alien baby! (23 Photos)

  • Tiggy

    Sleeping with my Glock by my side tonight.

  • Gallus

    Yech!!! This all looks like a dead baby joke taken WAY too far!

  • anon

    looks like the monkey from year one w/ will farrel

  • Butthead

    A huh huh, u said “mohair” ! :o)

  • Butthead

    # 4 needs mo-hair ha!

  • sit ubu sit good dog

    #7 Has the face of a three toed sloth

  • Butthead

    # 9 just made a boo boo in her diaper

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  • Bexter

    Ewwwww. I’m so creeped out by these. As if I wasn’t already creeped out by real babies..

  • Shelby

    You guys are mean! We all have our own hobbies, and there's a reason for them. Some people get them because they lost a child, other because they CAN'T have a child. Idiots, I am a teenager and DON'T want to be a teen mom, so I have reborns. Quit freaking judging us, we don't diss your trollish hobby

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