Offices I’d pay to work at (40 Photos)

  • Natasha

    #16 #17 and #25 where are these???!!!

    • Cinurwe

      16, 17, 25, 28, 29, 31, 32, & 39 are the same building. I worked there for 3 months and wanted to quit the first week. Working on the ship is forbidden, it's just for show. Don't even dare use the race track. That's for suits only. If work starts at 6am and you walk in the door at 6am, you are written up for being late (no joke, this happened to many). Walking on the grass outside gets you written up. Owner showed up to work with a new Jaguar the same day we all took 30% paycuts. The place is marketed as a creative place where you let your imagination run wild, yet the owner has fired numerous people who didn't agree with his ideas. I could go on, but I wouldn't want to spoil the fun for any other former employees.

      • the_mike

        It sounds like the shirt from yesterdays DAR, no matter how good she looks, someone is tired of her shit. Sadly, this place sounds the same way.

  • Jonathan D

    Is this real life???

  • Pat

    what?, fantasy factory?

  • cubanitagirl

    how i would love working at my job if it was like any of these

  • @mayerjacoby

    everyone is so upset about the t-shirt, understandably.

    GO to my twitter @mayerjacoby , log on a complaint .

    • CowboyAdam

      Has anyone at The Chive ever told us why they don't just order more shirts? How many do they order at a time and why do they only come around every once in awhile? I hope they get their act together soon before they piss off too many more people.

      • @mayerjacoby

        i suggest just buying the bootleg shirts off of cafe press

      • Heard that

        Boosts sales, pure and simple. Basic supply and demand concept. If the illusion is that a real Chiver has a shirt, and that no matter where you go you'll end up with some hot chicks, then keep the supply of shirts low, people will pay far out the ass for one. Ever seen KCCO shirts on Ebay? Ho…ly…shit. They go for near a hundred bucks a pop. I have a Chive shirt. NEVER met another chiver, much less a chivette. I say fuck it.

        • ravens1630

          just bad luck for you…i got my KCCO shirt a few weeks ago, first time a wore it out, got a bunch of high fives and "Chive Ons" from many a passerby

      • Nicole

        simple business logic. you have a hot item that everyone wants. if its available all the time, you don’t sell as many. if you only make a certain number of them, then your customers panic and start a frenzy to get one or more as fast as they can before they sell out and guaranteed they will if there’s only a certain amount made. companies do this all of the time. they can just as easily make the same amount two days from now and get the same reaction, rather than keeping them out there all of the time. its their way of making a higher profit

        • Inmate655321

          True. T-shirts aren't really that hard to supply. It's not rocket science.
          And there are a number of people who profit on eBay as well, selling the shirts.

  • SadeShadz

    I'd like to be in #5 and #6… sigh…

  • Lisa

    Yeah, well I have a bookcase in my office…that's missing half of its shelves……so there.

  • Jace

    Inventionland / Davison

  • misschris

    So…. are captions completely out of the question? Cuz I am dying to know where #31 is

    • jack

      its INVENTIONLAND in pittsburgh.

  • jack

    its a place in pittsburgh called INVENTIONLAND. i went there for a job interview. start at 6am and work til 7pm but you get thursday off.

  • Equinox

    #10 #11 Horrible idea to have a mini basketball court in an office building.

  • Face

    pretty crazy how so many people cannot even find a normal old boring mediocre paying job in America, but somehow these lucky fucks get to go to work and have fun. I'm jealous and Hating……

  • Rick

    #9 its amazing how pictures of these awesome offices can make me feel like my life is meaningless.

  • Bigballer

    Looks like rackspaces in San antonio

  • Long John Silver

    #16 HOLY SHIP! Look at the size of those monitors

  • David

    #4 Open the pod bay doors HAL

  • Matt

    Meanwhile I'll sit in my cube and hate.

  • misanthropetb

    I wonder if any of those companies with cool offices need a good optician?

  • Gunpe

    #40 Is that Bella I see there?

  • Grown up

    I like the idea of being grown up while at work. These are the type offices that “inspire creativity” but expect serious work and after the novelty wears off your stuck working for weirdos. McDonald’s has a play place, you don’t see the employees having a blast in the tunnels.

  • Wth

    What’s up with the alien in #13?

  • Josh

    1,3, 10 and 11 (and a couple others towards the top) are the Google office in Zurich.

    • Josh

      .. and so is 6. The aquarium room has a no talking rule.

      • woody81

        and often time sleeping engineers

  • Josh

    Also anyone who spends all day playing will quickly not be productive and lose their job. They need to find a balance.

  • Scoobysnacks4

    I recognize a few from Google. Where are the other's located. I'm tempted to jupm ship! Please label the photos 🙂

  • Chris.topher

    Very cool… but I still prefer working from home. People are really upset about the t-shirts aren't they? That amazes me since it's pretty easy to go out and get a t-shirt if you really need one. Maybe it's not green or from the Chive but geez what a bunch of babies.

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