• 16inchzipper

    Badass, yes. No shoes, Darwinian.

  • Whosit

    Mario Kart!

    • zgl

      thats immediately what i thought of! even the music lends itself a bit to the mario kart feeling.

  • kevin subby

    whats the song called and who sings it???

    • Case

      Can't Stop Won't Stop by Yelawolf I think

      • Case


  • gabe

    Please put some shoes on thats dangerous!

  • ZRO 5

    holy crap!!! that's awesome!!!! I wonder what's that tube they have over the rear wheels?!
    Definitely badass!!!

    • Ryan

      Its PVC piping that they put around the gocart wheels before inflating them! Helps the slide/drift!

  • http://www.dotsofcolor.com DotsOfColor

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  • joshua

    I can see the headlines now: "Grown men killed on tricycles while doing extremely stupid shit." Of course most everything extremely stupid looks like a shit load of fun…

  • sketchent

    fast and the furious playschool drift?

  • etcrr

    They must be using some kind of plastic sheeting bonded to the rear wheels so they can slide like that, pretty cool actually

  • misschris

    What the what?!

  • Stubs

    That guy is looking to skin his feet

  • oughtnot

    Darwin Award winners demonstrating the skills they honed to get published in the annual Darwin list …. seriously, God must love idiots because he sure made a LOT of them.

    • zgl

      "God must love idiots because he sure made a LOT of them." – LOL!

  • Wavehunter

    looks like PVC drainage pipe is stuffed on over the wheels.

  • http://twitter.com/TheRealKingKing @TheRealKingKing


    • thefamilyman

      New Zealand

  • Jmac

    "toys for boys" by can't stop won't stop….

  • thefamilyman

    lol North Shore

  • Jay

    Huffy Sliding is huge in Australia and NZ 🙂 epic

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Impressive movie skills, just using a DSLR.

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