• Filippe G. Heringer

    Great video, waves are totally awesome, showing how strong nature can really be. God bless all those guys working on those boats and ships.

    • Antoine Doinel

      Yeah, god bless them,. I don't know if it will work, though. He doesn't seem to be all that good at making their job a little bit easier…

      • beRt

        Harness the power of the waves! Free energy for all!

      • sadman

        "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men."


        • Antoine Doinel

          Well, his praying didn't work either…his head wasn't strong enough…

    • SpacemanSpiff

      This is what i imagine my turds going through when i flush

    • AlberniChiver

      a big reason why I left the Navy … after 8yrs, no sea legs

  • mother flower

    the earth fights back

  • Tui

    "i hate my job"

  • Dave

    NOPE. Not for me. Kudos to those guys out there braving those waves.

  • McD : {D

    Making me a lot less anxious to do my first deployment at sea with the Navy!

    • Josh

      Well, if you are on a sub or carrier you will never notice.

      • guest

        carriers get tossed around too. seen waves come over the deck.

    • 0331

      Depends on the shipmates. As a Marine on deployment, we would torment all the onion heads until they ran from the chow hall. If it doesn't bother you, you don't wait in a chow line, and you got seconds.

    • Josh

      Been there did that in the North Atlantic Near Norway … Trust me its a fun ride and you get your Blue Nose

    • Breck

      You still feel it on subs. Even after 18 years you still feel it. And with waves like that above you,,,,,you'd really feel it.

    • McD : {D

      I'm going to be posted on a Canadian 280 (Destroyer). Those fucking things bob side to side in swells like mad.

  • etcrr

    Waves are so beautiful and yet so deadly at the same time, It tossed that frigate around like it was nothing

  • Khous655

    Somebody should tell Adele to stop doing cannon balls off of England.

    • JustinFL

      She did, now she's just rollin' in the deep

      • Epitomizer

        Awful clever this early.

      • coocoocuchoo

        i usually think most comments are shit, but this one had me howlin! fucking brilliant

  • patience

    Getting sea sick only for looking….My father used to get the same kind of weather when he was in the high sea and he told that he used a rope to the chair to keep him in seat and don't "fly around"…was scary as hell!

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989

    Did anyone else think 'The Perfect Storm' while watching this? Or just me?

    • Dan E

      Actually Marky Mark and george Clooney sailing through some CGI was the farthest thing from my mind. This was actually real.Now that I think about it though, since he couldve stopped 9/11 singlehandedly, maybe he does have some Jesus powers to stop waves and "stahms".

    • *dash*

      i was thinking the deadliest catch, but perfect storm could fit too

  • EvilRoySlade

    Watch out or Poseidon will kick your ass.

  • myself

    Balls of steel. The absolute sketchiest more scary situation in my life was being 5-6 miles off shore on a fishing charter when an engine died and the sea went from glass to rough very quickly. We did manage to limp back to harbor dunking the bow pretty much constantly. I then ended my seafaring adventures. That was maybe 10% of what was in that video.

  • JerryLinGiant

    I'm terrified. to think at any moment the water in my glass could turn into a wave and destroy me.

    -don't even THINK about taking a bath AHHHH!

  • Sean

    This is why I did 20 years on submarines, did not have to put up with that kind of stuff….

    • TonyM

      This is why i didnt join the navy.

  • NoJoke

    My first time out to sea, we hit eighty foot swells and 130kt winds crossing the North Atlantic in February. Our 640 foot container ship got manhandled like a cheap hooker. The Captain printed out the weather report and just said "Oh, shit. No." The Bosun slept in his life preserver for three nights. But the Chief Mate just kept repeating "Hells yeah. I love this shit." each time we got smacked by a rogue wave.

    United States Merchant Marine
    The Benchmark for Badass Since 1775.

    • KPswim13

      I live for that shit


    • berdsong

      Your Chief Mate probably ate ALL the eggs and bacon that morning…

    • Shgall

      I was out offshore for a winter storm in the North Sea 55ft waves and 72knot gusts. Our big boat was dancing pretty well.

      Of course the funny thing was the storm a week later was smaller but the waves were better (or worse) spaced so the boat moved a whole lot more. Roller office chairs are not your friend then.

    • CGA1

      Yea… and then we probably had to come save your dumb ass in our cutters half the length of your container ship. Natty Prom.

      United States Coast Guard Academy
      The Benchmark for Safety Since 1790.

      • NoJoke

        I didn't say "Academy". But the fact that you did tells me you're still there, and you haven't even been on a cutter at sea.
        Now, your youth and inexperience having been pointed out… respect and condolences on the CG's loss with the helo crew. We're all brothers out there.

        • logic

          Or they could be, you know, an instructor. Last time I checked, not everyone in the academy is a cadet/student.

  • JF2

    Brittanny, France!

    • bzh

      Le Guilvinec !

      • JF2

        yeah, keep calm dans le finistere!

  • Dan

    I remember going through a typhoon north of the Philippines back in 1990. We were all assigned to our bunks unless were were on watch, and if you were on watch, you had to be tied off to something. Not fun at all.

  • JustinFL

    The guys that did this back in the day in wooden ships had balls of steel

    • Stijn

      So you're saying balls are made of wood these days then?

    • Dan

      Not to mention they didn't know what the weather was going to be. Nowadays, ships generally have a day or two warning for any major storms.

  • george

    where in God's name is this video from??? I would love to see the whole thing!!

    • fash202

      its from the disney world doco "oceans" thats the whole part with waves and shit though, the rest is about the animals and shit in the sea, Good watch, some amazing footage.

  • Speaks

    So seasick right now

  • Rob

    surprised we didnt see "free willy"

  • alphazulu

    But who was filming this? what were they riding in? A heli? or another boat?

    • saladfingers1

      My thoughts exactly AZ

  • Gazz

    Politicians eating and waves….slow day at the chive

  • jk80

    The video is taken from a French documentary called Oceans, it's on YouTube.

  • George Costanza

    The sea was angry that day my friends!

    • MC Hammer

      Like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.

    • Hockey Dude 11

      Is that a Titleist?

    • fdubzou

      Face to face with the blowhole!

    • Jake

      Hole in one..

  • SheriffPablo

    Great, now i have to pee…

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