• Moots33

    You forgot the Wave Goodbye! :O(

  • forfunone

    This video is full of "FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!"

  • Jammy

    Those guys are complete bad ass's. I'd be curled up in the fetal position if i was on one of those boats.

  • Jezdezpez

    seems legit to go pee now. bbl

  • adum

    sometimes i wonder how things get filmed the way they do

  • SA Texas Chiver

    Holy shit i think i would cry alittle if i was on that last boat

  • Lee

    To quote Rocco in boondock saints, “what the fuck, who the fuck, how did you fuckin fucks…fuck?!?!” I’m dizzy, And seasick I need to go lie down.

  • Scotsman

    2:12 looks like the Flying Dutchman

  • XOXO

    This looks fun and hella scary all at the same time.

  • Bryan

    What creature but Man would set forth towards the wrath of god and face these titans of water.

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    […] for the season, then I remembered what the weather was like last summer. (Watch in wide screen) Ship sailing through the biggest waves I've ever seen (Video) : theCHIVE __________________ Fish […]

  • KayMan

    this right here is reason #19 I fear the sea

  • naluukti

    After much searching, the navy ship is the Latouche-Tréville, an F70-type ASW frigate. 139 m long (456 ft). 5.8 m draught (19 ft).

  • Ismelltuna

    Hooooooly shiiiiiiit! okay okay okay….okay…Hooooooooooly shiiiiiiit! okay okay okay….okay….

  • Bubba

    How the hell did they get their undoubtably enormous balls on that ship?!

  • lyndon


  • sweetclip

    I see that Mac is no longer an intern?????

  • Tangles_112


    I've been our in rough seas, but that's BULLSHIT! Might as well just sleep in a bed of scorpions. WOuld shit myself less…

  • D'Arcy Richardson

    I crossed the Tasman Sea many years ago…. roughest the captain had ever experienced. It's when the fantail comes out of the water and the ships screws turn free reving like airplane propellers

  • VeeDub

    This video is strangely beautiful…. reminds us of our mortality

  • Dickle

    That filming was terrific.

  • Retired Navy

    Been There Done That!

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