Burn Your Bra Thursday (45 photos)

  • Jason

    #32 and 36 pierced nipples got to love um

    • Jason

      38 my mistake

  • Anonymous

    #39 is amazing

  • CrimzenSymphony

    #38 #32 #14 Dear lord i love nipple piercings

    • krauter

      piercings are scrap

  • http://thechive Ryan

    #19 why would you burn a chive shirt? lol

  • Allthinkinit

    Chive. I’m thinking we need a post dedicated to those wonderful naughty peircings that women havre hide and love to tease with…. anyone else wanna back me up on this?

  • johnnywangwang

    Oh man #44 !! (*english accent*) Can I have some MOAR please!! 😉


    #36 sexy as hell

  • burlap

    I absolutely love pierced nipples. Thank you 14-32-38 keep them coming.

  • HamSamich

    #11 Well great. My pants match her shirt now.

  • Grammarfiend

    Burned. Not burnt. Stop it.

    • HamSamich

      Doesn't matter. Has boobs.

      • Grammarfiend

        But clearly a 4th grade education. Magnificent boobies do not make up for subpar intellect. Probably "burnt" their textbooks as well. Lol

  • Texas

    Holy shit more of 14

  • burlap

    3-6-7-10 also very nice but love those pierced nips 14-32-38

  • Dnasty

    #17 should sue her plastic surgeon for giving her two different sized breasts! #29 is full of cottage cheese on the ass and #32 literally gave me a hard on at work. i can now not leave my desk for the next 10 minutes, at least.

  • Dug

    #41 an example of how Minnesota men keep warm!

  • Gopher Fan

    #41 your one the reasons i will be cheering harder for the Gophers this weekend… Chive on!

  • Joe mama

    Tried to keep calm and google blue waffles. But then I saw what it is. Freaked the fuck out.

  • Anonymous

    #17 when boob jobs go wrong……..

  • B.Dick

    Booooo to the pierced nipples. Gross

  • Runswithscissors

    So many piercings… (•0•)(•0•)…only two holes on a womans body that matter

  • B.Dick

    Blue waffles just freaked ME the fuck out!!!!

  • Face

    #32 SCREAMS "I'm here for the gang bang"

  • WTF


  • chvlvr

    #32 FTW!!!!!

  • Jester

    #40 Good Lawd!

  • chive_rocks

    7,8,10,13 are my favorites, but the rest are great too, minus the silicone. Please find #34. Need moar.

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