Burn Your Bra Thursday (45 photos)

  • Bob

    #14, #32, #38…In the world of pierced nipples, I prefer the bar over the hoop. Now, while the hoop is more utilitarian for hooking up chains and weights, the bar gives that awesome "Triple-Nipple" effect.

    And in case she happens to read the posts, the chick in #32 is just super adorable.

  • Hunt-sauce

    40 40

  • quiksaand

    #10 lets see moar! my god thats some nice side boob!

    • coolestwifever

      thank you

      • quiksaand

        no problem. you have a nice body!

  • spicticus

    #7 should post more
    #14 nice piercing
    #21 mmm…mmm…good

    • Chuck

      Agreed – mammath mammaries much desired

  • blahblahblah

    #5 !od I

  • jimstarswagg

    #39, do want.

    • jimstarswagg

      #40 also, Claudia Sampedro , soooo hot, want to tough the hiney.

  • Falthor

    #14 I'm not sure about piercings but they seem to work for you…

    #17 Let the haters hate, this picture does it for me

    #18 proving that we can take a beautiful woman, a closed set, and a professional photographer and make her look even more beautiful.

  • Falthor

    hey am I alone here in thinking we should have a FLBP version of the burn it gallery? could be fun.

  • Fdiggity

    #17 your implants are uneven

    • chive_rocks

      Maybe she’s a breast cancer survivor? A friend of mine lost her right breast and got an implant.

  • Clayton Bigsbee

    #1 I love me some flannel….and titties.

  • tommytwotime

    #4 (closes eyes really hard and wishes to go to there)

  • Robert

    #7 NICE

    • Cin

      Thanks! It's me!!

  • http://twitter.com/fastfreddy7 @fastfreddy7

    Goddamn I love the Chivettes! Thank you to each and every one of you that submitted! Now if only I could find one for myself!

  • fed

    #4 she's got my vote!

  • RGC

    #14 get one thumb up….

    #32 get two thumbs up….

    #38 gets three…."things" up….

  • bz1

    ALL of you look awesome!
    #7 WOW! NICE! Super chest and red hair? Now it is time for you to submit a pic for hump day!
    #9 Super nice!
    #28 MOAR!
    #43 Very nice!

    • Cin

      Well thanks! I'm #7! Sending in a St Patrick's 😉

  • Woodrowrules

    #41 #42 I wanna be on you

  • Louie Lou 415

    Ok, what’s #21’s name?

  • Taylor


  • Anonymous

    1,4,11,21,32 all amazing made my day that much better!!

  • chiver

    Whats with all the chivette bashing. Any chivette willing to send in a picture is appreciated. I bet 17 looks great. I bet it's just a bad picture and she didn't realize it. Honestly, I think she looks great but I wouldn't mind seeing more to get a better look. KCCO…

    • jack

      Agreed! I bet they are amazing. Looks like a bad picture thats all. Lets see MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Mikeg01sf

    #40. Claudia. Thank you

  • Tom

    #41 definitaly takes the cake,

  • IShldBWorking

    #11 is a little thing I like to call…perfect.

  • Trav

    #45 is amazing

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