Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • derp

    I live in mianus!!!! it is named for the mianus river

  • Akljp

    I got it!! I got it!!!

  • KillaCam

    #25 In class, scrolled down while sipping my sierra mist from Taco Bell. Looked down right as the bike crashed then saw my man eat it. Literally had soda shoot out of my nose and the entire class turn around. So I said screw it and had my laugh like I was the only one there. Cant wait for March 9th, Im getting my St. Pats shirt this time. KCCO!

  • mosleyvick

    Well what'ya know, someone I know on The Chive! Went to highschool with #2, small world

  • mpisarski01

    #18 definitely a women driver

  • GFY

    That’s great that you guys got your shirts. It’s super enjoyable watching you guys wear them. It definitely isn’t smug at all.

  • http://Chive.com Mclovin80

    What is up with the iPhone app. I need my chive an nothing is showing up. WTF.

  • Nosneros

    #4 is a piece by my high school graphic design teacher, Gregory Euclide. Best three classes I ever took.

  • WaikikiWayne

    #9 So… Mother-in-Law is tattoo'd on his ass?



  • Souuulove.

    Omg #17 I love!

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