Getting all dressed up for a fight (21 HQ Photos)

  • 0_0

    #16 Pretty sure I saw her put Bas Rutten in an arm bar in like 2 seconds as a demonstration. But I don't think he was ready for it.

    • Mike

      tech noone should be ready for it, wich is the point lol

  • mambo

    I’d let.them get all domestic with me ;D

  • burtdc3

    Thats my friend Bryan Caraway's girlfriend Miesha Tate:!/p

  • jonar777

    I got Ronda in this fight 🙂

  • SolidusSnake420

    Rowdy first round sub. Sorry Miesha.

  • uhhhhh

    Terrifying. Figuratively and literally…

  • bull1123

    #16 & #19 Damn…

  • judokatim

    I have wrestled with Ronda at judo camps. She is as strong some men the same weight. Not to mention she has an amazing ground game and phenominal arm bar.

    Ronda in the first via arm bar!!


  • HelloNurse

    I think everyone wins in this fight.

  • boobies

    1. Most of these girls not attractive
    2. Most of these girls attention seeking
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    • rowdy clown

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    • judokatim

      stfu retard.

      don't chive if you don't like.


  • Oregon_country

    Not sure if frightened, or turnned on.

  • Force Kin

    bet you could punch them to an orgasm

  • dan0

    #7 Now kiss.

  • Sieggelwald

    Why do so many MMA girls have such kicked faces. Oh yeah.

    • coinbank

      i think they have "kicked assface"

  • Master_Rahl

    #12 #6 #10 "… make me feel kinda funny. Like when we used to climb the rope in gym class."

  • delliup

    Are they allowed to punch in the titties? Anti-chive? Wow

  • trucker bear

    obviously if we are on the chive looking at this… im pretty sure we don’t care for ur shitty anti-chive site! get bent u fucking anti-American douche bag! the chive represents everything that is great in not only this country but the rest of the world! and yes u are anti American because its ppl like u who are ruining this country with ur racism talk! its no longer a national issue, its an individual issue!!!! either way id just like to say one last thing… keep calm chive on!

  • Rockets


  • Dicki Roberts

    Check out joe rogan podcast with Rhonda. She was pretty cool

  • zunebeatsipod

    What……women with no ink? AND they're fighters. Amazing.

  • bmessy


  • Weekender


  • John Kenny

    Not sure if I should be turned on or terrified…

  • Jon

    MMA is stupid and seeing chicks get into makes it only worse

  • stuf1

    1) It looks like I have to change my name to boobies1
    3) None of these 2 same women are black. I thought after the first picture maybe there would be makeup. Lol
    4) Email theChive and tell them they’re awesome.
    5-7) blah blah blah
    8) Mac the intern, rhy ru no makey da fun of da raisins no moe?
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    theChive is too damn sexy! KCCO

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