Getting all dressed up for a fight (21 HQ Photos)

  • @eoinarmstrong

    I miss Gina Carano, but am hoping for a RR victory in this one 🙂

  • @phaqoff

    I'll be at that fight!!! May upload some photos.

  • MMAChivette

    Alright. People on here you need to get your sh*t straight. Miesha Tate is a world class fighter. Rousey has only been pro for a year and had 4 fights against… who? Nobody knows who the hell she has fought because theyre no- namers! Nobody has ever seen rousey have a full fight. Yeah cool shes got all 4 arm bars. Miesh has been doing this for a very long time and worked her ass off to EARN this. Rousey doesnt deserve a shot at her title. She has been talking so much sh*t its gonna start coming out of her eye sockets. Miesha will beat her face in no questions asked. And to all you womens mma haters out there. You get in the cage and see what it takes. You dont see people saying "lets settle this over a baseball game…" MMA is the ultimate sport, fights break out on the field because its the most primal thing to do. It requires everything, I challenge a marathon runner to get in the cage for one 5 min round and I bet youre gonna be tired as hell and out of breath. Anybody else have anything to say? Feel free.
    Kick her ass Miesh. I know you got this no problem girl!!!
    ❤ MMA Chivette

  • perfectedpixel

    Reblogged this on Perfected Pixel.

  • Paco

    A damn arm bar !!!! Did she not realize that’s how she was gonna try and win ? Oh and she did .

  • Anonymous

    Tate got arm barred.

  • Marcis

    #19 #21 In love

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