Jordan Carver is a natural at tennis, I think (16 Photos)

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  • goldengekko1

    wheres the bouncy bouncy gifs haha πŸ˜€

  • JustTrollin

    #12 With that chest, I don't even think she can run without killing herself!

  • Bruce

    the gif at the end makes this hilarious

  • Johnathan

    Damn, if there is any video of this it could provide a months worth of "things that bounce"!

  • terry

    Did she get black eyes from this?

  • Kevin McGandy

    Where's the video???

  • Josh

    @boobies…while there are a small percentage of attractive black girls, white chicks are just hotter! Why do you think black men would prefer a fat white girl over a thin black one? Something to think about…

  • Blackmantooboocoo

    You think fat wire girls are hot? Eew yuck

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