Michael Jordan’s $29 million Chicago home is for sale (8 Photos)

Photos via Chicagotribune

  • BBB

    One question. Why?

  • naluukti

    #4 "I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there…"

  • cheeseftw69

    A grown man bounced/tossed a ball around to earn that….. Just sayin'

  • http://Yahpo Scuba Steve

    Wow ur a fuxking idiot. Worked 10x harder than u cn even imagine. So wack

    • Stuf

      Yeah, he worked 10x harder at something insignificant. Sports shouldn’t matter this much.

  • Waty

    Why does he have a college 3-point line and the NBA one…?

  • http://www.geekatroniks.com pako

    the kitchen is bigger than my house!!

  • Daiq

    your on drugs

  • Anonymous

    I love it michaels my baby

  • Albertanoil

    wow even mj’s mom is on the chive?

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