Random facts that will have little to no impact on your life (19 Photos)

Via Somethingawful

Via Somethingawful

  • Kane W.

    And you got one of my coworkers. She was in hook line and dumbass

  • dan

    You guys should take that last one down. sweating is how the body lowers the body temperature when it's hot, if someone listens to that and just sweats till they stop they will have heat stroke and possibly die… this is dangerous

  • meh

    Keep your hate to yourself.

  • Tlaque212

    Did u know this is all full of crap? I don' t think any of it true…….Waste of time (like me writing this note)

  • Nacional

    All of these are NOT true!

  • Adam

    your map of scandinavia is incorrect. fail.

  • Someone

    You guys are all idiots. These are meant as JOKES.

  • Wicer

    Amaizing Troll post…
    shuldn't let my kid read it…

  • Tanios

    All these facts have one thing in common: they are not facts 🙂 because they are wrong 🙂 but they are very fun because some people may believe them over a cup of beer.

  • Dezza

    LOL come on people! EVERY one of these is total B.S. it's all just a Joke!
    If you truly believed any one of these are real "You are what is wrong with this world!"

  • Shackleford

    #1 You know how many websites post this information about Nintendo and say "you didn't know this?" I think people got the point by now.

  • bob

    I dont get it

  • Brent

    Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, not Finland. And the map shown has it in Norway.

  • supkid

    Did you know: 7,433% of these facts are correct, with the remaining 100% being incorrect? I double checked this stat using webcrawler.com

  • evad

    fact : this is bullshit

  • AZ_Celt

    Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and Helsinki is the capital of Finland. Map is mislabeled as well. Some of these must be from Fox "News".

  • Welcome Dundas

    Stockholm isn't the capital of Finland.

  • https://www.facebook.com/shanegt Shane Kelly

    Did you know? Whoever made the map in #16 doesn't know Norway from Finland or Sweden?… They are all messed up, it goes Norway, Finland, then Sweden from left to right. I am a 'Merican here and i know that….

    • https://www.facebook.com/shanegt Shane Kelly

      Correction, Norway Sweden, Finland.

  • https://www.facebook.com/MikeyPop Michael Stuprich III

    im pretty sure that 12 is wrong and 20 is a sure fire way to die of dehydration in the summer. but the restbof them were interesting and kool!

  • John Robert

    Might be incorrect, as Finland, Norway and Sweden are not even correctly labeled in this photo.
    Norway to the west, Sweden in the center and Finland to the east, bordering Russia.
    Is this entire post a joke, or is just number 16 completely wrong?

  • John Robert

    #15 I have to call BS on this one as well, as the tilt of the planet has not changed. Going back several hundred years, the population of China was much less than it is today, yet the tilt of the earth's axis was the same. Also, the population of China is approximately 1.3 Billion. It is not 2 Billion.

  • John Robert

    The claim simply does not make sense. Water, when boiled has part of the water converted to water vapor. That vapor might cling to the kitchen walls, and be condensate but does not simply disappear. I am beginning to doubt the entire post!

  • John Robert

    Also, Dublin is on the east coast of Ireland. The star you show for the location is not even close.

  • John Robert

    You CANNOT be serious!
    (To quote my inner John McEnroe)!

  • John Robert

    Who ever believes this needs to come back to reality.
    There is NO avocado AT ALL in marijuana.
    They're both commonly found in Mexico (and the US), but that's about the only similarity.

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