• Chunk Pants

    My rubix cube is the bra

  • thaomeow

    I'd do him. Just to prove you all wrong. 😛

    • Mike

      Thats what i'm talking about!

    • just_some_guy

      You should work up to doing total Rubik's geniuses in small steps. Like someone who can solve it in a few minutes. You wanna be safe and all–he might be too much to handle to start.

      • thaomeow

        ^Challenge accepted. Haha.

        • LucretiusCaro

          Just for the record–I clock in just under two minutes 😛

  • Meeee

    The only hard part about being blindfolded is knowing when to stop. Since it's simply an algorithm. But good work man.

  • TracerBullet_PI

    Wait, seriously? No one has posted about the fact he's in a room of entirely people doing rubick's cubes?

    • dkptig

      i love the dude that sits down next to him halfway through.. like, yeah i got this.

      • ASTAR

        it's called a "competition"

  • Ten

    Seems all nerds roll up their sleeves.

  • marshall

    Boy, if I had this skill there'd be no stopping me. I mean 'Watch out world?'

  • Peter2323

    I want to volunteer at one of these tournaments as the person mixing the cubes up..

  • Chefboyarlee

    Holy crap. That shit is unbelievable.

  • Reed

    The kid in the back, "da fuck!"

  • Tim
  • Da Sandman

    nothing hard about solving a rubik's cube whn you know the trick.. doing it blindfolded this fast though is truly epic viginity 🙂

  • mike

    you mean this virgin's is marcell Endrey

  • Arthur

    why were they so quiet? is this a library based sport now?

  • FoCoLivin

    So he's going to remain a virgin for 28 seconds?

  • Verbal_Kint

    my brain feels like jello after watching that.

  • herbert

    surprisingly more humble than the cup stacking girl.

  • Mark

    Mother of god.

  • Jamforever

    Nice to see a hungarian on Chive, Go Hungary!

    • LucretiusCaro

      It stands to reason–Erno Rubik was Hungarian himself.

      • Jamforever


        • just_some_guy

          Te magyar vagy?

          • Jamforever

            Igen, az! 🙂

            • just_some_guy

              Nagyon jo. En Amerikai vagyok, de tudok magyarul egy kicsit.

              • Jamforever

                I never know an American who can speak some hungarian before.

                • just_some_guy

                  Ismered az ezt.

  • saskchivertoon

    Like a boss.

  • Jamforever

    Girls! Guess what he can do with your clits!

    • http://hermesdfo.blogspot.com Hermes

      and they can enjoy it all in under 28 seconds! this man must be reeaaaaally popular

  • brad

    If you think that is mind blowing, watch him do it to 19 cubes, all while blindfolded (he can't look at them in between each cube)

  • rick

    damm and i was so proud of myself for getting 2 sides right, thanks for making me feel shitty chive!!

  • srfghdtjrty

    and he's not even asian. damn.

  • Sue Acide

    I bet everyone of these tools blows a load in under 28 seconds. Too bad this skill cant get you laid

  • Mike

    frankly, i'm just excited when more than 3 colors are in a row together after weeks of working on it.

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