• heather


  • Mike

    I know everyone else in here will call BS on this but I have both A) solved a rubik's cube (though admittedly not blindfolded, from memory and in 28 seconds and B) penetrated a female….

    Having half a head on your shoulders is really only uncool or nerdy until you're out of say…..high school….

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    […] Solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded – [TheChive] […]

  • Harmonica

    i just wonder if this guy is silent, if i would break a world record in something i like to do i would be screaming

  • Otter

    I always hated the kids who could solve this thing and then would shrug and say "It's easy."

  • Rick

    It would literally take me more than a month to do it without the blindfold, this guy is not human

  • Bob

    What in the fuck was that….

  • single handed

    I"ll see your blindfold, and raise you one handed.

  • Kells Bells

    OK….I've watched this thing three times now. WTF is the noise at 00:10 ????? Sounds like someone came prematurely there.

    • Matt

      Haha that just cracked me up, noticed the same thing

  • Nelchris

    That is incredible!

  • Holly

    All these comments about him being a virgin, he's pretty cute and obviously talented and skilled with his fingers. I think its far more likely he's getting laid right now, meanwhile all you are doing is posting a jealous comment on a website… just saying.

  • Thomas

    How did he not go absolutely insane after that? I would have been flipping tables and screaming in that little kid’s face.

  • JPata
  • Gabe

    This will DEFINITELY get him laid…

  • Mean Joe

    I can do it in four minutes but 28 seconds…blindfolded…he has my vote for God…

  • Capt. Bo jangles

    …. Fuckin ppl are crazy man, that shit (if real) was awesome!

  • Doctor_Krieger

    the kid behind him stopped and looked while his time was still running lol

  • dandude2

    how the hell is that even possible

  • alex

    Is he a WIzard!?

  • Y Man

    This might actually get him laid

  • etcrr

    Amazing abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

  • Guest

    i know who can do rubiks cubes pretty easily (although not as quick or blindfolded) and apparently the trick to solving them is based on a sequence of moves. if you can memorize the sequence you can solve the cube based on where the colors are

  • peter

    When tricked, the "hoax" is to reverse the video. (You actually start with a done cube, mess it up. Then play the video in reverse and it looks as if you are completing it). Seen this done with someone doing the cube with feet. That being said, this looks real. i couldn't see an anomaly that would suggest this was faked that way.

  • rpgplayer34

    Justin Beiber is in the background going "Huh?? He Beat Me??? Whuuu?" Lol

  • OrangeSOX


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