theCHIVE Android App available for download NOW!

We know, we suck for taking so long to build our Android app. But it's finally done and available for download HERE. Note, we are improving the photo swipe function and we will be adding Previous and Next arrows very soon. Thanks for your patience and KCCO!

PS to all the iPhone users out there, we are aware of the gallery feed glitch and it has been fixed, but we are at the mercy of Apple to approve the revision. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Scott

    Needs work. Won’t send pics to fb as it says and pics take awhile to load. Droid Razr.

  • paul

    Can’t find option to share vids. Gif animations not animated. Seems to be slower to load individual pics in the app than it is to load the full gallery on the mobile page. For now using mobile page still seems like a good option. Keep up the great posts chive!

  • Jessie

    Thanks Chive, you made my day

  • Kevin

    Thanks for getting off Apples knob long enough to hook up the Droid users.

  • Iphone user

    Fix the god damn iphone one first that shit is garbage

  • Bill

    If apple doesn’t approve the revision can I get my money back, I’ll use it to buy a KCCO shirt!!!!!

    • hammondegger

      Good luck with that. KCCO shirts are in stock about as often as the app works correctly.

  • Gary

    Yea for android!
    I just wish the existing iPhone app worked.

  • frank

    The app for my windows phone works great

  • Cody

    Yea I paid for this app and there’s no babes, the gif doesn’t work, and there’s only a select few categories….. How can I possibly keep calm!!!

  • Beardo McBeardsalot

    The app sucks so don’t bother. The actual web page loads faster, has gifs that work, and is easier to navigate. I’m not sure why you would make the app a crappier, slower, less streamlined version of your site, but then I don’t understand the appeal of the brigade trolls either. KCCO

  • Anonymous

    This app is slow loading everything

  • oregon chiver


    Where do saved pictures from the app go?!?

  • DrGusGus

    Will you be adding gif support to the app?

  • angry

    App will not let me play videos on my galaxy s3!!!

  • Anthony

    I really don't understand the point of releasing an App if it's going to run like crap. It's 6 months later, and the App has tons of issues. Just read the comments on the Market.

  • rinaldi427

    When is the blackberry app coming?

  • eric

    Why gifs no work on android!!!?

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