Well, that’s one way to take a driver’s license picture (10 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    All you muthafuckers need to keep calm! And chive on…

  • Capt. Bo jangles

    I think it’s pretty fuckin funny! Good shit Canada. From an American who High5’s his circle bacon friends KCCO!

  • The Chird

    Canadian version of chird

  • Danielle

    We have the same birthday! Happy Early Birthday!!

  • Adam

    Hey Canada has the same problems as the U.S. namely illiterate foerigns invading our southern boarders to steal our jobs

  • mcallstar

    haha guy on my hockey team did the same thing for playoffs

  • dollarsandcocktails

    I'm so jealous of him. I would be willing to take the speeding ticket just to have the conversation (from Drew Carey's standup):

    "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
    "Yup, do you know why I was speeding"

    Or something like that

  • Anonymous

    Godamne crazy canadians

  • Mike

    I like the cut of his jib.

  • MakelloserMan

    Yea, my Canadian Sensor had never gone off like that before.

  • Dave

    Can I just say.. . that BC seems to have the best Chive material these days.

  • heavykevy604

    This is crazy. I live in BC and my birthday is also March 11, though im an '87

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  • Bossmega

    Im damn tempted to get some chive shirts made just so I have some…. Fuck it, they never have enough and I have seen some people in pics with obvious fake ones (font to big, etc) I have to have one for st Patrick’s day here in savannah ga

  • http://perfectedpixel.wordpress.com perfectedpixel

    Reblogged this on Perfected Pixel.

  • http://twitter.com/cretillia @cretillia

    Im moving to BC I'd deff like to meet this guy just to give him a high five. B]

  • Penal_Colony

    Actually pretty smart. However much hair and/or beard he has, at least some part of the ID photo will match. I used to be scared to go through passport control when I had a beard, because my passport photo was clean-shaven. Wish I had thought of this.

  • skullet

    so that is an awesome dl pic! i got one too!!!

  • skullet

    …cant show my pic tho 😦

  • Chris

    Haha..that's awesome. Dude had this done at the barbershop I go to just down the street. If you knew where it was, you wouldn't be suprised at all to see this. Definately not the weirdest thing I see living here.

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