You look…. good. (24 Photos)

  • @Alejandro_gado

    #10 MOARRR

  • Jawbone

    #9 I swear it looked like this skank had “doritos” tattooed on her right collarbone.

  • Simon

    boobies', aka stuf's, Twitter handle is @MayerJacoby.

    Everyone report it as spam and get HIM shut down!

  • etcrr

    #2 On planet Ontar we absorb food through our hands

  • rebelace

    #15 is hot

  • thedon

    would still do.

  • WaikikiWayne

    #6 Maybe she should pull her thumb out

  • WaikikiWayne

    #9 Even the squirrels are scared

  • jaminboy13

    #24 wtf? If I hadn't had a nightmare in a while, I'm bound to have one now…

  • stuf1


    theChive is too damn sexy!

  • ramon

    Not sure about #15. In the voice of Ms. Swan
    “She look a like a man”.
    And the voice of bad Asian translator,
    “it’s like UH OH, HOTDOG”.



  • pantibiblon

    #23 Quite normal.I mean…after an acid trip

  • SadeShadz

    #2 Stop it! You are too awesome! #9… huh?!

  • Occupy The Gap

    #9 VERITAS Indeed!

  • @fabv

    #18 – Wow! Amazing! Sweet! Mercy! and repeat

  • xbod

    You spelled Doritos wrong.

  • SARmedic

    Does #10 have a bigger package than I do? (It's rhetorical, of course she does.)

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  • Andy Valentine

    The term "model" is grossly over-used here

  • perfectedpixel

    Reblogged this on Perfected Pixel.

  • http://what Mike Hawk

    I look at these freaks … and walk away happy …… that I am not married to any of them.

  • Bexter

    I laugh so hard every time I see this post! Lol

  • Spookbuster

    There are many forms of transportation available with reasonable fares that will take you non-stop to Africa. I'd join you but I'm not really into drought or contracting AIDS or getting hacked to bits with a machete. Or you could log onto

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