• jon


    • PDY

      anybody else think of mary poppins? or am i too old…

      • JerryLinGiant

        i was actually think of the Angry Beavers theme song

      • Mrs_Conejo

        had to find it and watch it again. good ol' Dick Van Dyke

  • gunnerx


    • Otto


  • JDUB

    Dudes got skills

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty damn good for being a one man band

  • Pabst

    Hipster can work after all

  • Cody

    Multitasking at its finest1

  • Jefflist

    talk about awesome!

  • NcouthYouth

    I want a real recording of this for my daily commute

  • Hunter

    *kazoo noises*

    So when is this going to be available on iTunes?

    • 16inchzipper


      • Justin

        yeah i want this !

    • zorana

      SARS- Budjav lebac
      the songs about molded bread!

  • Pete

    That’s pretty damn good for being a one man band

  • etcrr

    get this guy a record contract beats the hell out of beiber

    • Bulletproof Monk

      I wish he'd beat the hell out of beiber.

  • Suavecito

    If this song was on itunes, I'd buy it just to make me laugh when it would come up randomly

    • pants on the ground

      I did that with "Pants on the ground"….funny the first couple of times, now it just pisses me off

  • bukssna

    That guy is probably Croatian! 🙂
    This is the song for whoever was wondering: http://youtu.be/1zCzUlJXs4Q

    • Da Sandman

      good job reading the description, einstein…

    • Neven

      listen this from S.A.R.S., too

  • bukssna

    That guy is probably Croatian!
    This is the song for whoever was wondering:

    • Suavecito

      Thanks for the heads up, but the one man band beats the hell out of this video

      • Justin

        It doesn't have awesome kazooie noise. Get it outa my face.

    • FoCoLivin

      What makes you think he's Croatian? The fact that the caption says he's a street performer in Croatia? What are you? Some kind of detective?

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    iTunes, soundcloud, spotify, motherfuckers… i bet you anything this guy has a soundcloud page somewhere in the deep reaches of the internetz…

    Wish he had a youtube page.

    Is there ANYWAY we could send this dude some money to buy a camera to post videos on youtube and music to get it on iTunes?

  • mrmak

    ofc he is Croatian 🙂 it says in video -> Rijeka,Croatia 🙂 and yea he rocks ^^

  • John Kenny

    Alright! All he needs is some women in short skirts with castanets dancing behind him as he goes and we got a show! Send the man to Vegas!

    • Da Sandman

      typical for an american to only appreciate music when there are half naked chicks around the artist

      • okay

        Typical of people to be ignorant, pretty sure America can refer to anything in either North or South America, but if you are referring to the United States then I'm still pretty sure there are other countries who's shows and entertainment are far more promiscuous…

      • The_Dood

        Typical for someone that isn't american to not get a fucking joke…

  • idookiedonu

    LEGEN…wait for it….DARY!

  • Spud

    Absolutely awesome!

  • buck

    i'd throw him a 20

  • K-VON

    Im diggin' it.

  • Safety Salamander

    The song he is singing is called Budjav Lebac which translates to mouldy bread and that is what the song is all about. It is a really popular song in Croatia and there are heaps of covers of it by Croats on youtube.

  • Knifemare

    Man this guy rocks. If he ever made a CD, i'dd buy it instantly even though i dont know what he's singing about 😀

  • Derek

    I saw this guy a few years back on my travels through Croatia. He played in a bar we were hanging at, one man band tore the house down.!

  • hrvoje

    Didn't know i have so cool street artists in my hometown! Probably should get out more often :/

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