• MRat

    Wish this was Russia. Then I could say In Soviet Russia, the instruments play you.

  • Yomomma

    Longer video I found of this post

    • Zack

      Thanx for the extra long vid! It was awesome!!

  • Yomomma

    His name is Cile one men band.

    • Thapelo

      Pure genius!! At the rate of taevrll information has in this technological age the demand can only exponentially go up, while supply remains constant. Thus forcing the largest group of the bell curve ( those without shirts) to go batsh*t crazy and guarantee the Chivery will always sell out. Only one other person has thought of this Eric Cartman, who purchased a theme park and let no one in just to make them want it more!! Bravo chive!!!( I still have yet to get a shirt of my own

  • Zack

    This man is awesome! I’ve watched this vid about ten times now. I wish he was near me, I just feel like dancing

  • Houstongal

    Omg I would love to meet this guy. ❤ JennyChive [at] gmail

  • adam
  • vex0611

    You should come to Croatia and enjoy more stuff like this 🙂 KCCO from CROATIA

  • adam
  • Harumpf

    In Croatia, hipsters are talented.

  • Penal_Colony

    This dude is the lord of everything.

  • Carnoculus

    This song has been stuck in my head for a week! I love it.

  • Fridge Magnet

    I still can't stop watching this.

  • rob

    dude this guys is awsome….and for sure if there was a way send this guy some cash i would jump in….or at least buy his songs on itunes….one man band rocks!!!!

  • NickRonin007

    Dopest shit I've heard, EVER!!!!

  • NickRonin007

    That Kazoo is priceless

  • GunnieGraves

    You can actually find many more of his vids on his youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/CigoManBand

  • cyntax

    "but now he just plays with himself."

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