Don’t force my perspective, baby (22 Photos)

  • nacirema

    #1 Looks like an apes hand.

    • Allex

      youre so stupid its fake

    • Ryan M

      I was about to say the same thing! so does #7!

  • lorycowery

    Entering Donkey Kong Country's mine cart stage


    • Allex

      hes not really in there ueveryone on here is dumb as fuck

      • lorycowery

        …. Keep Calm buddy….

      • kodakkid

        I was going to but I won't

  • tommytwotime

    #14 hahaha!!!

  • Katie

    #3 My Favorite

  • T

    14 Yeah, buddy! Airport lovin’s.

  • ChiTownChiver

    Everyone of these people deserve a smack or a small beating. Not the shit kicked out of them, just a good solid hit. You jackholes! Wasted 2 minutes scrolling through this and then 1 minute typing. Theres 3 minutes gone. If you're in this photo, hit yourself.

    • Dr. Evil

      KCCO broheim!

  • Nik T

    #14 I need to talk to my travel agent, I am booking the wrong vacation

  • MattKL

    #17 PortalCat

  • goglas

    Is that Roger Daltrey eating his lunch in #15?

  • GimmieYoCookies

    #2 Awesome shot timing is awesome.

    • mackey

      Thank you

  • zgl

    loved this album!

  • Tony

    This is where my golf ball went in…

  • Inbreadgrandma

    sorry but most of these are shopped

  • majorfathead

    #1 That is one hairy SOB

  • Anonymous

    #12 -Why you legs so big!?

  • AJ

    Man u guys need to chill with the comments. Who cares if the photos where cropped or shopped or whatever. Its just to make u laugh abit or take the ease off a stressful day. So the one who are talking shit, just shut the fick up and let it go.

  • holland dude

    I have to agree its all for fun.If you think about it most of the shit on the internet is just for fun

  • burdman10

    #14 Sure looks like my dad supposedly sleeping waiting for his next flight…no wonder he flies out every third day at precisely 8:11 PM…Chive on Dad!

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  • Matt


  • JamesMFP

    #19 would be great on dog sunday

  • perfectedpixel

    Reblogged this on Perfected Pixel.

  • 4T2


    Whoo, Chive On Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia!!!

  • 2nnt

    Great job at getting on here Christophe Kiciak @ #5

  • M.O.T.

    #15 Mark Zuckerburg does not look happy.

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