Friday Dopamine Dump (44 photos)

  • jaynecobb2


    • Tim

      #38 (not really)

    • Ouch

      Thumbs up for not damaging my calm

    • Lamboe

      Stop feeding the trolls they're desperately needed thumbs downs. Keep it neutral guys.

    • therealguy

      loser post

  • echogeo

    Not the boner she had in mind.

    • Pete

      I always thought Geri Halliwell was hot.

  • etcrr

    This comment has been deleted by the user.

    • Paula_

      Exactly asshat.

      – Fan testimonial: "Apparently they have Chive in hell."

      • PDiddily420

        Hi Paula!

        I figured I'd save him the time of making a dumb comment, getting the inevitable negative feedback and then deleting it himself.

        • Paula_

          Next time take a little moar effort; make it look like an actual intensedebate account… Also make sure the text is italic. Finally; a deleted comment without replies disappears without a trace… 0 out of 4. You failed.

          – Fan testimonial: "I wish I could give you 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up for that Paula. You gave me a good laugh :-D"

          • PDiddily420

            Sorry Paula, not all of us have the awesome pleasure of spending our "workdays" sitting around The Chive offices doing cool shit and goofing off. I only had enough slacking time in my day to make a half -assed counterfeit account and comment for some douche I don't even know. I am sorry it was not up to your standards and I will try harder next time.


            • Paula_

              I'm not into making fake accounts though!

              – Fan testimonial: "Oh, and one more thing, Bob. When you post your pictures, you might want to wait a few before logging on as Paula and getting things going by stirring up the hive. Your alter-ego, "Paula" is always one of the first few to make a comment whenever Bob posts his pics. Coincidence? I think not. "

              • PDiddily420

                LOL, I see what you did there.

  • BostonChiver.

    #14 and #20 sealing off a great morning.

  • Toots McGee

    #21 is thinking "this was incredibly smart…. or incredibly stu….waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!"

    • GernBlansten

      I'm guessing "thinking" is not her forte.

    • JAFitC

      Who cares? Had wrecks!

  • Jake

    #29 Who is dat?

    • fed

      emma frain, british bla bla boobs

      • Jake

        Has she done porn? In case not, why is that?

    • AmyK

      A straight up skank.

      • Kigero

        She's a model and you're a an ugly turd

    • @TN_Kenny

      I was going to ask the same thing.

    • wut?

      Hera, Queen of the Gods?

  • markstubb

    #10 Looks like the beginning of a decent pr0no

    • zing

      Looks like the beginning of a decent por…tfolio of photography!

  • Brian


    Boner! Get it? Bone – her….boner. Ah Hah! Hah! Ha………..

    • steve

      I laughed. Everyone who voted down obviously has no humor and can go eat the corns off of Paula's third nipple.

    • ArticJester

      Oh! I get it now! HAHAHAHAH!!! Thanks for the explanation… *Sarcasm*

    • Like


  • Ron Burgundy?

    Photo taken just seconds before Julie's modeling career ending due to face plant… #21

  • ISU Birds

    #33 I have the weirdest saber right now.


    #10 enough with the angelina jolie pictures already

    • Chris.topher

      Well played, sir

    • BigRick69

      You've won the unofficial comment contest for picture 10. Thank you for not using the word "boner".
      Your prize is the smiling ray fish in #40. You can claim one at your nearest aquarium, and if anyone gives you trouble, just tell them BigRick69 said you could take one.

  • AllanB

    #16 all kinds of WIN

    • Guy on a Buffalo

      I like hot dog because bewbs.

    • WMD

      Not the first footlong in her mouth before….

    • Underbaker

      My mental photoshop just had a meltdown.

  • JPAR12
    Reminds me of my university

    • cuntrag

      obviously you didn't have puters at your uni then…

  • unoriginal guy

    #10 #12 yep

  • Art Vandelay

    #12 "G's up, Hoes Down…If that bitch can swim….She's bound to drizzown"

  • cc

    BAHAHAHA 17 and 36

    • cuntrag

      #17 #36, there you go precious

  • Dirty ole man

    #10 is so HOTTT ! Now my bone is showing, too.

    Excuse me, Be back in a few ….

  • Art Vandelay

    #32 "G's up, Hoes Down…If that bitch can swim….She's bound to drizzown"

    • Mr. Bookman

      Fo Shizzle my Dolphizzle.

  • iambigd42

    #14 Good Lord

  • UGTP

    #5 little does she know that Dolphin is currently getting his rocks off on her..

    • William

      From the look on her face, I'd say she knows.

      • UGTP

        lmao. yeah guess you have a point.

  • misslisa

    #38 – I want this for my office. #40 – "Hey, I'm gonna eat y'all"

    • biggles

      Grand Cayman.

      40 dollars per person, you go out for 4 hours, 2 hours just snorkeling by the reef, then 2 hours you get to play with sting rays.

      fun stuff, boring if you live here though

  • iambigd42

    #2 A quick Fap Fap Fap and all is calm

    • Aarcadian

      Is she ridiculously sunburned, or piebald?

  • LucretiusCaro

    #22 Wasn't sure it could be done–but yes, Nick Cage CAN look worse.

    • Dude Imbibes

      Dude your fly is open

    • Bob

      It's always awesome when wax statues look terrible.

    • *dash*

      it looks more like bruce jenner to me

    • Kodos

      would it help if you set the head on fire?

  • Meh

    #42: Dave Grohl = class act.

    • MattyBoh

      = God

    • mongoose5271

      Dave fuckin' rules!

      • Mikerhinos

        Here comes my hero, watch him as he goes !

    • AmBush_Steve

      Foo Fighters? I could have sworn he was the drummer for Nirvana.

      • Billy

        Beat me too it……………

    • cuntrag

      his best quote, "if i had of think that this would have taken off like it did I would have seriously rethought the band name"

    • Farnsworth

      Don't like his music, but the guy is fucking awesome.

  • chavo

    Find #10 and who is #29?

    • GernBlansten

      #10 is a Spice Girl. Geri Halliwell.

      I'm ashamed that I know that.

      • tommytwotime

        I was just about to comment the same thing. And I am not ashamed, I am just unfortunate to have grown up with 3 younger sisters. Their combined levels of estrogen always vetoed my musical choice in road trips.

        • Pete

          But as I said earlier… Geri Halliwell was always the hot one.

    • cassidy

      the other is emma frain

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