Friday Dopamine Dump (44 photos)

  • Arid

    But did you call him Red Leader the entire flight?

  • Loud@theClouds

    Seinfeld isn’t shit.

  • Loud@theClouds

    Seinfeld is my shit

  • Chubbz

    #4 ah a gem from NEPA

  • Goomba in Kandahar

    #20 For the love of God….. FIND HER!!!!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #42 Anyone who is willing to fight Foo, is alright in my books.

  • perfectedpixel

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  • Dr. Evil

    Dear boobies/stuf,

    So let me get this straight, you celebrate the fact that there are black girls in this post and then turn around and say that they're unattractive and attention-seeking.

    Contradict yourself much?

  • thatguy

    #23 = awesome

  • Skedaddle

    Who is #10? Spank day.

  • Zherkof
  • Swank

    #17 I didn't know Bieber could play football.

  • duderman

    #21 is Ellen Oneal. Mid 70s skater. She was in a lot of skater mags and you can see why. Check her deck.

  • @DoomNexus

    #29 I call you fat

  • Big C

    No, my friend. They are ninjas (I'm on the left)

  • TheTruth


    They forgot to put in the part where this was taken from another site… Just like most of the pics.

  • Eldon Morin

    Went and had an awesome time skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort then stopped at the liquor store and saw a beautiful cashier wearing a KCCO shirt . Sorry I failed you I should got a pic with her and the shirt . Next time I go I will ask for a pic . Peace keep calm chives on !

  • Gallus

    #16 – I generally do not like to watch people eat. – Generally …

    #2 – Did this girl pierce her nipples? Why do girls *do* that? I want to see niples, not chunks of metal.

  • elviseno

    #17 justin bieber?

  • Matt

    #1 I can't wait for Hangover 3!!!! They are so funny!! Keep em coming, one right after the other. Because they're soooo funny!!!!

  • Nick

    20!!!!!!! MOAR

  • Master_Rahl

    #1 Do NOT mess with a sleeping Mike Tyson. He'll wake up and give the most ridiculous haymaker to the junk ever.

  • kessel81

    #10 Find her

  • Jake R

    Why is wax Nic Cage shorter than real Nic Cage?

  • Arya

    Posted on Wow that sux! I would hate to loose my computer. I take it to my cleasss with me and everything. Trust me when I say BACKUP YOUR FILES! I won’t bore you with all the details, but lets just say 4 days before a big essay was due, computer virus even though I have a firewall, lost my paper. It is worth the cost so that I don’t have to write my papers twice!

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