Morals are not invited to my high-res ideas for the weekend (25 HQ Photos)

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  • trey


  • touchmybigbird

    Every time :/ I want moar

  • OddJobb

    Ok, I may have figured out this fail. The link works on the computer but not on my iPod. This sucks because I hardly check TheChive on my computer.

  • medic1

    Link doesn’t work on the droid app either

  • reject44

    I have many foot penis

  • Lazy

    The point is to get you to go to the brigade website you lazy mofos. Click on the brigade, then go to their home page, and find the story 3 or 4 links down. Stop bitchen start clicken…

  • DotsOfColor

    Reblogged this on Dots Of Color.

  • RF3

    It’s worth the extra few clicks to get to The Brigade to see #4. Now that’s an LBFM!

  • fisharms

    Is it really too difficult to LINK to the other website? Then everybody would quit their belly aching.

  • Schwa

    Chive is pretty glitchy they should figure there shot out there loosing peoples interest

  • NYR144

    #4 now that’s what I’m talking about swing

  • theotherguy

    Completely worth goin to thebrigade and looking for it

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