Remember how magical it was during your childhood? (35 Photos)

  • matt

    I wish i was driving when gas was this low. It wasn't the ridiculous price it is now but .99 cents, it's hard for me to even imagine it that low.

  • dickbag

    IMO Saget was always harder than M.Bison he used those tiger-uppercuts like a machine gun.

  • Don

    I suffer from memory loss…Every now and again I go through these pictures and remember a minute detail of my childhood.

  • dewd

    #23, no retreat, no surrender.

  • Lori

    Just watched this the other night. STILL cry at this scene. Every gosh darn time.

  • Pants

    #8 and #12 were both great games so long as you knew all the moves…

  • socalmarti

    Sadly #21 was less than 20 yrs ago.

  • John J

    This summed up my entire childhood.

  • EHM

    #35 Omnomnomnom!

  • Ricky

    #27 I cried every time I saw this scene. Thanks for bringing it back to my memory. :@

  • DDD

    #19 MUSCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lou Dude

    #7 = sloth’s sister
    #21 = F*ck yea played this sh*t out of awakening

  • perryinjax

    I was no kid when I saw #32.. OMG Salma Hayek is FINE..That Satanico Pandemonium dance scene of hers made a man outta me 😀

  • the_boogieman

    #27-Don’t let the sadness overwhelm you!

  • Jastogie

    #19, he’ll yeah, I still have mine.

  • Compound9

    #6 Why the F is bill F-ing Nye on here but you have no mention of Don Herbert… you know Mr. F-ing Wizard?

    And yeah i agree with everyone else that Levar Burton should be on there too.

    OR you could have just put Mr. Sagen by himself and it would have been enough.

  • Ruckus

    #27 such a sad part of that movie

  • Andy Valentine

    #12 – Primal Rage. Epic.

  • Anonymous

    What movie is #23 from?

  • dados NY

    #4 gave me goosebumps

  • sean

    What is #25? Im 21 years old so idk if im old enough to remember it?

    • MonkeyMadness

      I thought it looked pretty self explanitory. You take one of those caps and place it on the end, throw it and it makes a loud bang! The red ring of caps was made to go in toy guns. They were really loud.
      The version of the bomb I had was slightly different. The cap guns I used to have used rolls of paper caps and you tore one off and slipped it into a slot on the bomb and then threw it. POW!

  • dados NY

    #7 Damit I meant #7

  • Mac In Houston


  • TheScorpionKing

    #24 I…HAD…ONE!!!

    When I become a billionaire, I will spend 5 GAZILLION DOLLARS for another one!!! Best childhood ever!

  • chris"noimkorean"kim

    #7 is steady derpin’!

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