Revisiting the Military KCCO shirt. Sound off.

  • manni

    Im not in the military… but the flat one just looks better imo.

  • Fat rage!!!!

    What about us British squaddies! It’s wont look right having an American flag under our combats!

    • EasternCanuck

      Totally agree… same goes for us Canadians…

    • flibble

      I was just gonna suggest a British one lol. great minds chive alike.

      • Yani

        "Great minds Chive alike" Put that on a t-shirt!

    • AsciiAdam

      Inside every Brit there is an American just waiting to get out! 😉

      • Spencer_on_Fire

        Just a thought……but what about a coalition shirt? Are we not one family fighting for the same team and enjoying the same goodness that is brought to us almost every single day?

        • rr31

          like an isaf one? or nato?

          • Spencer_on_Fire

            Ooooooohhhh…..someone is paying attention 🙂

        • KingCock

          Much like the blue helmet, no thank you!

      • Blokey

        But after the first cup of coffee, all good.

    • SilkySapper

      Yes! What about this shirt makes it a "military shirt"? because it has an American flag on it and coloured green? That is fucking stupid!!! That's like me saying my pet monkey is human because I dress him up in ridiculous clothes like a human being.

      I am Canadian, did my tour in Afghanistan, this is a disgrace! some lousy company trying to make a quick buck off of playing the patriotism card. What you should do is mail them to soldiers overseas for Christmas.

      • murph

        relax SillyFapper, I think you take the internet too seriously

        • SuperDanMan4290

          yeah silly…relax…. How about a proposition to the Chive?

          If the Chive can create a shirt with not just a logo of the American Flag, British, Canadian..etc, etc.. as Spencer mentioned with the whole… NATO on the shirt..I think that would be a great idea for US Chivers to appreciate.
          But since patriotism doesn't have a price on it…. What about The Chive decides to donate a Percentage of the Proceeds for the future military shirts to a Charity Organization of their Choice.

          Would that make some of you happier??



          • Dunny_

            That sounds like a good idea. How about removing a flag altogether and just making shirts in the above colors, print a larger quantity so some of us have a chance to buy one. Donating even a portion of the proceeds to the USO or the Wounded Warrior project would be a greater show of appreciation and respect than a debate on which flag to print.

          • Breck

            I think they should donate a portion to the USO. It's a great service for me and the rest of our servicemen.

            US Navy Submariner!!!

      • Veldman

        what makes it a military shirt is the color of the tshirt makes it possible to discreetly wear underneath a normal everyday uniform

    • spikynorman

      I vote design No1 but with a British flag.

      • rob

        this is america, why would should they put a british flag on it?

    • Dennis

      If we think in a allies flag?

    • lonin

      Why not just do the standard Keep Calm shirt on military colors? Is there any way to guarantee that military personnel will get these? If not, this is just a wasted gesture.

    • dasdasdsa

      What about us Somalians?

    • Aussie

      Same for the Aussie's!

    • theLovely

      and how about our Canadian troops?

    • rob

    • Bon_nie

      I agree, I understand theChive is an American site but you have fans all over the place! Perhaps leave the flags off or run two sets – one with flags, one without.

  • jwc

    I like the flat flag on right sleeve

    • Brandinn

      I love looking at something and liking it, then voting and seeing everyone else agrees with me… Flag on the sleeve!

    • Mr. Nasty Pants

      Sorry – all I see is a rip off of the Old Navy Tee-Shirts. Ralph Lauren had something similar too so I find this unoriginal and uninspiring.

      But – I am sure these will sell better than those Berry shirts (snicker)

    • chris

      put it over the words but in the orientation of the flag pointing down.

  • aet


  • Undershooter30

    Damn… The branch symbols looked pretty legit on the shirts

    • Dick Salad

      meh if no Eagle Globe & Anchor… do not want

      • Dick Salad

        Too many retards will think your wearing just another t-shirt and most wont have any comprehension of why the flag is backwards…

        • this guy

          screw em, let em hate, while we KCCO

        • lance

          it's not about what people think. welcome to the underground social network.

    • NicoleCorene

      yeah i like the branch ones better to!!! GO NAVY!

  • nolechiver

    who cares what design, as long as you print enough so I can freakin buy one.

    • nolechiver

      and on a second note….is there anyway you can permanently ban that stupid guy/girl that puts stuff on here about the chive being racist every post? That would be great, thanks.

  • burns

    Right sleeve for sure!

  • richard

    Does it really matter if they all end up on ebay? Ok i will keep calm.

  • yep

    How about worrying about stocking the designs you already have?

  • Guy

    The flags are all mirror images. I assume the shirts won't actually be printed this way?

    • Martin McFly

      did you read the caption?? moron…

    • pvtcowboy

      theyre that way for a reason

      • BTI

        The reason is invalid and wrong!

        • Robert

          Stars go into combat first. If you don't know that you really have no business buying one of these.

          • Goldfinger0957

            finally somebody who knows their shit.

    • socalmarti


      • @GamerKitty84

        The Flag is that way because it shows running towards battle with it flying behind you…never retreating

  • GernBlansten

    Having myself served, and being a lover of freedom….

    If you fought SOPA, wait until you get a load of this:

    • SpacemanSpiff

      Mind Blown

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      The war has only begun……it won't stop. These things hurt people in all the wrong ways

  • Jason

    All the flags on the chest are backwards. When displayed the stars should always be on the top left except when displayed on the right arm which is correct. Is that information worth a freebie?

    • JT Mo-Nay

      I was just thinking that. I was like "Why are all the flags backwards?"

    • Martin McFly

      You also, are a moron. Read the caption, don't just look at the pretty pictures.

      • USF Bull Rugger

        In fact sir, you are the moron. Do a little research before shitting on people…the Chive should also do some research before they write some of the things they write..

        • steve

          Flag shouldn't be on the shirt anyway, it's not a uniform

        • Patriotism Nazi

          That link is good but if you want the real deal the laws for display and respect for the flag are in USC Title 4 chapter 1.
          It does say (sec 8 d.) you can not use the flag as wearing apparel but I do not think this applies as the flag is not fashioned into apparel. And It does say (sec 3) that it should not be used for advertising on clothing or have words, letters, or symbols over the flag and this is a misdemeanor with a fine and jail time.

      • Jason

        The reversed flag represents going into battle when worn on the right sleeve. If it were reversed on the left sleeve it would represent retreat. Likewise with the standard flag being worn on the right sleeve. It depends on which arm it is on. With it being centered on the chest it should be stars on the top left. If the flag were hung vertically the stars should also be on the top left. Captions don't mean anything if they are misrepresenting the American standard.

    • Jason

      The upside down flag is distress.

      • Jeremy

        Someone say something about an upside down flag?

    • pvtcowboy

      NO. the Us military, or at least just the US ARMY wears the flag on the right sleeve which is reversed, signifying carrying a flag into battle. so the stars would be facing forward…get it???

    • SARmedic

      Jason is correct, and this is exactly what I was going to post. Do yourselves a favor and do a quick Google search on how the flag is to be flown. Yes I am a veteran from way back and this kind of thing bugs me.

      • USF Bull Rugger

        Exactly…this is what I was trying to get across. But from all the -1s I've been getting, it appears no one really cares about respecting the way the flag is supposed to be flown. Esspecially if the design is going to be on the FRONT of the shirt.

        • Ardis Foxx

          Jason gave us information, you just called everyone a moron. There's a difference in execution there bud. Expect -1's for name calling…

          • Martin McFly

            Actually.. he called me a moron. And he is right. Jason's original statement is Correct. My sincere apologize.

            • USF Bull Rugger

              +1 for someone (Martin McFly) accepting when they have made a mistake. Mr. McFly, I retract my moron statement about you in my previous comment. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Chive on, Broseph.

              • Martin McFly

                Its okay. You can call me a moron. Just don't call me chicken, I don't like it when people call me chicken.

                Chive on!

                • USF Bull Rugger

                  I would never stoop so low, McFly…

          • USF Bull Rugger

            Ardis, I only called one person a moron after he called the original poster a moron. AND I did in fact paste a link to relevant information regarding the subject matter being spoken about. Expect -1s for not reading the entire post…

    • Helpy McHelperton

      Jason is correct. The flag on the right sleeve can be reversed. The flag on the front can't be reversed. Here's another link to an explanation:

    • Guest

      Jesus fucking christ you people are dense READ

  • Evan

    Flat flag chest

    Also, if you do get the official emblems, can you also do a few navy in olive for us hospital corpsman who serve with the marines or even just a caduceus

    • Michael Price

      Right On!

      HM2 (FMF)

      U.S. Navy Corpsmen
      (strongest supporter)

    • Doc Cunningham

      Fuck yea! that would be the tits!

      • Royce

        'Rah Corpsman. Y'all are greatly appreciated.

    • Seth

      oorah 8404

  • hawkeye

    Can we get with Canadian flags?

    • Amanda

      yes please Canadian flags!!!

      • 'Nother guest

        I'm curious as to the policy of putting unit badges on this stuff. Prolly not legit. In any case it'd be cool to see a PPCLI badge on there.

        • B_McKillop

          lol why u gonna put the prickly on that lets just keep this general to the CF first i doubt thed have our badges anyway. would be sweet if they did

      • @trustnoone73

        Easier too, as long as it's right side up it'll be correct

    • pvtcowboy

      (in Ron Swanson voice) heh…no..i dont suppose you could

    • caleb

      Americans would buy one so they can be accepted in other countries.

    • Pat

      If Canadian versions come up I'd throw my wallet at the screen. These would have been awesome on deployment. You know, to wear with my civis…

  • 0331

    Doesn't really matter now does it? Your server will crash and I won't be able to buy one.


      Somebody's bitter…

  • Rob T

    Flag being printed that way only really makes sense if it is on the right sleeve.

    • Rob T

      By that I mean the flag is worn that way on the right sleeve of the ACUs to symbolize always pushing forward, never retreating. Printing it stars right on the chest makes sense…if everyone wearing it charges to their left space invader style at all times.

      • Tim

        Your right – reverse on the chest makes no sense. How's everyone missing that?

      • Craigery

        You mean soldiers don't march sideways like crabs?

        • ezekiel1111

          Everybody who has ever been through drill and ceremony is hearing "sidestep…march" and cringing right now.
          Man, that Rob T. guy is one knowledgeable fellow.

      • Stirke Eagle WSO

        stars are always closest to your heart regardless of sleeve.

  • Jaime

    Love them all!!

  • Alex

    HA! Canadian flag…that's adorable. Now bring on the shirts Chive!

  • pinky thumbs

    Why a reverse flag? doesn't seem logical, at all

    • Dick Salad

      Symbolizes the flag moving forward in the battle field. When the flag is in forward motion it waves behind the pole in revers. Forward momentum on the battle field = winning

    • Josh

      The flag is worn on the right sleeve of most uniforms. The proper way to display the flag is with the star field leading, which means on the right sleeve it is reversed. Because this is most commonly seen on uniforms, people thing of it as a military thing.

      On the right sleeve, it should be reversed, otherwise, no.

    • chris

      yea, i dont get it either.
      . . . but for the record i like the flag on the sleeve!!
      but just dont understand why the reverse?

      • Ben

        It's only been explained a few times… and plus it's the "Military" KCCO shirt. Other than the colors, thats about the only thing military about it other than bad ass

  • coinbank

    Afghanistan….in progress
    Iran…on deck

    • ksc

      thanks for your service….chive send this man a free shirt

      • coinbank

        would love a shirt, but i didn't serve

      • John

        Been to Iraq and Afghanistan. USMC. and im irish. BRING ME TO VEGAS FOR SPRING BREAK

    • Sarge G

      Thanks asshole, as if my going to iraq and afghanistan for you wasn't enough. PTSD, MTBI, effed up hearing… check check and check.

  • proudserviceman

    has to be on the right sleeve… love the idea

  • Bickle

    if i were still in i would rock this. Fuck it. I'll rock it now

  • huh

    What about the desert uniforms? Don't forget the darker green for the Marines.

    • @Angelic_Daemon

      The olive color can be worn in either uniform.

      • Royce

        Yeah, darker green under deserts or woodlands… Just make sure it's the right shade, and that the lettering (or flag) doesn't come up far enough to be seen.

  • Guest

    Can't wait to see the cadets wearing this to spirit dinner

    • Sarge G

      cadets aren't human. they don't qualify

    • Super Yuk

      Every single spirit dinner and every ACU Thursday I'm gonna rock this bad boy.

  • Timothy


    • kilo

      stand a taut watch shipmate

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