Sometimes there is no more impressive art than graffiti (35 Photos)

  • jomu23

    They should take the word "sometimes" out of the title. Graffiti is amazing.

  • LarsfromNorway

    #10 made my day



  • stumeister

    #30 wins hands down !

  • L

    #26 should be on a t shirt.

  • Ray T

    #21 & #33 FTW

  • SadeShadz

    #8 and #19 creep me out :S

  • Banksy

    fun fact of the day……. Banksy never made a panda with hand guns…just a FYI

  • thaomeow

    This inspires me to go out and make some art. Although the best I can come up with would probably look like #29.

  • Guest

    man the chick in #28 is hot

  • Underbaker

    #17 #18 #21 Love this type of street art, wish they did more in San Antonio.

  • RootPull

    #11 is funny because it’s true

  • Digib Flarlee McZzzz

    #33 #35

    2 John Carpenter film references in one post, nice!

  • Pat

    #21 Incredible!

  • R2_Pinky

    Central Florida is the worst place to live for cool grafitti art. I need to move!

    #31 is awesome

    • chase

      PINKY! i'm just now discovering your amazing pics on Chive. And to top it off, you're in orlando? dude, my wife (who appreciates your posterior as well) and i should totally hang with you and your fiance!
      where do chivers hang in orlando? my wife and i been out and about numerous times with our green KCCOs and not once have gotten a chive on. lame.

  • Jack Burton

    #35 David Lopan. I stuck a knife in his head in Big Trouble in Little China!

  • Moar Ningwood

    #20 – Stavanger, Norway…kick ass city

  • Cartel

    I think I know that guy. Puff ,,, Puff … Pass you frickin Bogart!

  • Theguythatknows

    This is street art, not graffiti.

  • chvknsfckall

    Whatever chive…you don't know shit about graffiti…you guys probably still think you own a Banksy

    • Banksy

      just like them selling " panda with guns" as a Banksy shirt haha

  • Boone

    Must be some russian architecture

  • ZERO

    #18 side walk chalk level: boss.

  • Craigery

    #12 is a mural. It's not graffiti or "street art".

  • rphilman1

    #11 Has a great meaning!

  • Doug

    Like Jack Burton always says….Ahhhh what the hell

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