Surfers riding the biggest waves on the planet (23 HQ Photos & Video)

Bodhi would be proud….

Now check out an HQ video of surfers riding waves that will put this gallery’s waves to shame.

  • EasternCanuck

    As fun as that looks… it would be scary as shit…

    • surf brah

      As scary as that looks… it would be fun as shit…

    • mauibuilt

      eddie would go

  • misschris

    My first thoughts? Via con dios.

    • DDD

      YOU know i cant live in a cage man!!!

    • Bodhi

      Its the 50-year Storm!

    • @BrownWaterSurfr

      There's cliffs on both sides, I'm not gonna paddle to New Zealand!

  • kasshead

    wheres keanu reeves?

  • Dan

    Wish I had the skills to do that. They'd be fishing me out of the water after the first wave, though.

    • McRaePhoto

      You and Me both…I couldn't even get up at Waikiki. I will stick to the snowboard…lol

  • meme

    Teahupo: Roughly translated means "to sever the head"

  • LucretiusCaro

    I've never seen a wave like that in my life–must be something. We just don't have them here in the Northeast.


    #1 wowwwww. LIKE A BOSS

  • Woodrowrules

    #19 Not sure I'd just be sitting there on that jetski

    • Johnnys

      He's not sitting there. He is getting ready to pick him up out of the impact zone if he wipes out or tow him out. Google tow in surfing or Peahi/Jaws.

      • Woodrowrules

        Oh gotcha obviosly I don't know much about surfing. Thanks for the info

  • echogeo

    What a rush it must be to do that. Same for the cliff jumpers in those wing suits.

  • name not important

    Whats your biggest concern today, Steve? Oh, not much really, other than fitting my over sized testicles of steal into a wet suit.

    • Ass-man


  • Alex

    Those are some meaty waves in that video, ‘it’s a trap’ comes to mind

  • Ned Plimpton

    "I'm about to titty fuck this wave." – Kenny Powers

  • wrangler 86

    Now i have Jan and Dean songs going thru my head…

  • BostonChiver.

    #11 I am a ninja, this wave will not defeat me!

    • LucretiusCaro

      We should get all the Boston Chivers together sometime for a beer or too.

      • BostonChiver.

        I'm down with that…Chivers, assemble!

    • LucretiusCaro

      How many Boston-area Chivers are there?

      • BostonChiver.

        I work with 6, have seen several chivettes with their shirts in the local joints…there's gotta be a ton. How do we go viral?

        • Bored

          Screw one of the chivettes…I'm sure you'll catch some kind of virus.

          • BostonChiver.

            I see what you did there…and I'm not impressed.

  • Dorkfish

    I surfed as a youngster in the 70's. I accidentally stood up on a 10-12 footer and it scared the shit out of me

    • sdago25

      Wow!!! Let me get this straight…You accidentally paddled into the lineup where 10-12 waves were breaking? Than you accidentally started to paddle into a 10-12 foot wave? Than accidentally dropped into the wave? Than accidentally started to push yourself up and then accidentally stood up on your surfboard?

  • RedHulkd82

    I'm from the hood & this sh*t right here it GANGSTA!!! Props 101

    • Dick Salad

      Please go kill yourself now, kthxbai…

  • DDD

    THese guys carry their balls around in wheelbarrels..


  • Cindy

    These waves literally terrify me. I watched that video on the edge of my seat, mouth agape and covered in goose bumps. Wow, here on the East coast (SC) we have ripples compared to that.

  • @Ant_Jolliffe

    We'll get him when he comes back in!

    He ain't coming back…


    • @BrownWaterSurfr

      Death on a stick out there mate!

  • Ali Ackbah

    That was awesome photography but it would have been better to get a real-time view to see how fast the riders are and then see how fast the waves catch them and beat them to shit.

    • @BrownWaterSurfr

      Google "Teauhpoo Code Red swell" and you should be able to find real time video

      • Albus Q

        Wow.. that's some spooky looking stuff

      • Ali Ackbah

        cheers dude. That is way quicker than i imagined. God damn.

        • Johnnys

          The bigger the wave….the faster you go. These guys are hitting 25-30 mph on the bigguns.

  • Underbaker

    Just thinking how 6-8 ft wave can throw me around like a rag doll. Ouch.

  • epicshiz

    Whats the background song???

    • Dr. Ballz Johnson

      M83 – Close your eyelids to die with the sun

  • james

    Bet chuck Norris ain’t scared of these….

    • oldmanbingle

      If Chuck Norris paddled out at Teahupo'o on the day that film was made, he'd piss himself and start crying.

    • Pootus

      These waves are caused by chuck Norris doing a cannon ball.

    • JIM


  • RootPull

    Those first 2 look like nazare Portugal where Garett McNamara last year caught the biggest wave ever surfed, over 90 feet. CA has some monsters but very inconsistent and they break far from shore. Most of these guys were towed in with jet skis. Anyone on a 60 foot wave on a short board was towed in.

    • @BrownWaterSurfr

      Garret McNamara shoulder hopped the biggest wave ever. I wouldnt say he really surfed that wave.

  • luckyB

    the balls on these guys…id like to surf but um i dont think mine are big enough for these waves. pfff HAAAA 20 ft waves arent SHIT to these guys. i got owned by a 10ft wave and thought i would crap myself.

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