Surfers riding the biggest waves on the planet (23 HQ Photos & Video)

Bodhi would be proud….

Now check out an HQ video of surfers riding waves that will put this gallery’s waves to shame.

  • Cam

    Thought i was hitting pretty good wave's yesterday morning down here in Oahu. Nope, i guess not…

  • Anonymous

    Most of pics are from here PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray T

    The last time i saw waves like that……Hurricane Katrina

    • @BrownWaterSurfr

      Katrina produced some good waves but I guarantee they were nothing like those waves

  • dave

    that video is one of the most amazing things i've ever scene

  • Patrick

    I ‘ve always wanted to surf a wave that big… until I realized how fast you move on the smaller hurricane swells. Sooo I think I’ll stick with photoshop!

  • Cori

    Eddie would go!

  • Brother Maynard

    I never understood why they show the videos like this in slo-mo. It looks much more intense at regular speed.

  • hausmaus

    Holy man….I can only imagine….I thought a 10-14 foot was a rush….

  • Christopher Fernandez

    Wow!!! O.O one of the most beutiful breath taking things ever.

  • Christopher Fernandez

    It must feel amazing to be able to ride waves like that.

  • CDT59

    this was posted like a month ago I thought. I guess they just added still shots this time around along with the video.

  • Bman12688

    M83's music makes everything epic. M83 should really switch to scoring for movies. Brilliant chune

  • Chivette


  • hark1985

    Amazing post. Truly epic! RIP Andy Irons. Surfing legend

  • mikey2828

    Anyone see the shark in# 19 crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Android app=CRAP. I thought it wouldnt be released until the bugs were fixed?…..After all the wait you still release crapola WTF

  • B

    What about the killer whale in #18

  • Daniel_Puckett

    The video is from teahupoo. It is definitely the heaviest wave but not the largest. It is located in tahiti.

  • Verbal_Kint

    how about fuck no….

  • cdanie

    get pitted…so pitted

  • Matt

    You've seen Bodie?

  • Mauibrent

    Some looked like Jaws here on Maui, but others could be Australia or New Zealand? Amazing shots and footage Chive!!!!!

  • August

    There is a big face on pic 1?

  • MoCo

    Alright guys, I know you are relatively new transplants to California but #9 and #17 are not surfing. Those are spongers, a whole different breed of water athletes, and definitely not surfers.

  • Lou

    Jan and Dean , how about the Ventures?

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