Surfers riding the biggest waves on the planet (23 HQ Photos & Video)

Bodhi would be proud….

Now check out an HQ video of surfers riding waves that will put this gallery’s waves to shame.

  • Dean

    MAKE THESE WALLPAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RGH

    Beautiful. If you haven't seen it, Riding Giants is a great documentary on big wave surfing.

  • April C.

    That video gave me anxiety.

  • Skedaddle

    Chive- you guys put my comment yesterday regarding the shot of Teahupoo "up for review" because I linked the above video, and now you post it? Thefuck?

  • Blackie

    Pretty sure #7 and #14 are at Mavericks…

    • chris"noimkorean"kim

      #7,19 mavs . 14 cortes guess by water color on 14

  • Jake

    Did he died?

  • Brickdust

    17 Mike Stewart? In Gods Hands? If you haven’t seen it check it out

  • crash300z

    Reblogged this on Glenn Piercey's Blog.

  • @AcezFate

    #21 I feel like thats a shark at the top of the wave!

  • perfectedpixel

    Reblogged this on Perfected Pixel and commented:
    Hell Yes!

  • Jastogie

    #21 is a surfboard erupting from the top of the wave. BUT, # 19 does seem to have something on the left towards the top of the wave under the water. Maybe it’s just a shadow, but it seems to have a dorsal fin.

  • Bob Lee Swagger

    That's not true. It is EXACTLY translated as "The Road's Ending". It was named that because the launch point for surfers is at the end of the largest road on the island.

  • Gallus

    Pick any of them, #12 is good. I am a disabled veteran and I have learned to live with my disabilities with few regrets. But, I see these guys riding the waves and I have regrets. I am insane enough to want to do that! – I am hopeful. God is good, and there will be waves in Heaven.

  • wig98080

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  • Marie


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