You can boil down a person’s entire personality based on what coasters they use (25 Photos)

Of course, I can’t prove this theory…..yet.

  • EllenD

    really? a post about coasters?

    • Kyle

      Really? A comment on a post about coasters from someone who obviously isn’t even interested in coasters.


      • Curtis

        A post about coasters… Pretty sure those coasters amount to more than that douche bag has ever done!!! Chive on brother!!! Your comment really made me laugh aloud!

  • Theresa

    So where can I find # 10 and # 25? haha!

  • t dish

    I use a white one they give me at the bar what does say I’d like one that lights up

  • thaomeow

    I'd put #25 in a box and every time I open it up, the "item found" music will be playing in my head.

  • Nick

    Do want moar, I liked it better when I thought the chalk was a Lucky Strike though lol

  • Seldi84

    #2 #12 I want those coasters

  • SA Texas Chiver

    I have 18 lol

    • RemcoB

      From where? I want those

  • tommytwotime

    #25 I must get these

  • kirah

    #18 WANT !!!!

  • http://Chive Beavis

    Come on people coaster your talkin about coasters

    • Phil E.

      Yes, Mr. Iverson. We are talking about coasters.

  • Kmac

    #7 why is this bread so stale?

  • lexie

    I need the dude ones!

  • Anonymous

    Love the mario ones!

  • jobxus

    Want #10

  • Boone


  • High Llama

    Why don't any of these ever show up in the Chivery?!

  • pvtcowboy

    Dammit Chive. Now I want some stupid fucking coasters. Thanks

  • sweethatbro

    #22 wonder if anyone else uses whiskey stones?

  • anthony r

    I think I need those dexter ones! Is that creepy?

  • Jake

    What about those cool laser engraved coasters I did for you guys?

  • Escamilla

    #10 want!

  • sean

    "oh dude, check out my coasters, THEY LOOK LIKE FLOPPIES!" Bitch, get some real floppied for $.05 a pack of 1million. Why buy something that looks KIND OF like somethign else, when the real thing is FAR cheaper and can serve the same purpose..?

    • sean

      floppies* lol

  • Bossmega

    Sean, because a normally floppy has cracks in its frame so therefore leak water on the table… Kind if defeats the purpose haha
    I think a lot of these are pretty dope!
    Chive on

  • chicago

    4"x4" solid black napkins. all is good. now drink.

  • lynds

    I love coasters! Collect them actually 🙂 send them all my way!!

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