Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (24 Photos)

Are you a hot girl? Are you lost in the middle of nowhere? That totally sucks, but snap a photo and send it to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • TheFlintSkinny

    #8 Is an upside down bikini top the new hotness? I sure hope so.

    • KCJake

      She's doing it wrong. But it feels so right.

      • CNG

        Shutup fuck face

    • ds69

      if not then lets take a voteIIIIIIII there's a yay here!

    • whitestripe

      If you're tanning you do this so you don't get the strap tan lines going up around your neck. or you go topless…either one

      • mtbdude

        I vote topless

  • Gordon

    #8 the one on the left, MUST FIND

    • spank mcslappy

      my left or her left? doesn't matter! BOTH!!

    • wino

      ill take the one with real tits that actually knows which direction her clothes are supposed to be worn.

    • Jef Leppard

      The one on the left is a hot Cape Town girl by the name of Jenna Piha. Can find her on Facebook if you are feeling stalkerish…

    • Ian Ashforth

      shes a Cape Town Girl and i introduced her to the Chive at the beginning of the year! MASSIVE following here of the CHIVE and she loves it.

  • notamid


  • Jeremy

    22 o baby

  • Reservoir_Dog

    #6 Best…..pic……EVER!

    • Sammie

      stupid fucking chive i've submitted over 15 photos and not once have been featured any of stupid dumb posts! im 10000x hotter than any of these bitches!

      • Trev

        Calm down love.

      • Reservoir_Dog

        Really? 10000x? That's a lot of times! Feel free to send me your pics and I'll let you know what I think!

  • Just a Guy

    23 us just about as good as God can do.

  • TracerBullet_PI

    #22 really glad she burned it.

    • big_james

      I just like how she is posing in front of what appears to be some sort of trash dump.

      • TracerBullet_PI

        I like that too, it makes me think "If she likes trash, maybe I stand a chance!"

      • A_O

        thats just what every beach looks like in eastern europe

    • Winchester

      Fibby from Femjoy NSFW

      • SquishyFlint

        Also Anya from Met-Art (also NSFW)

        • spartan104fred

          Looks like a fishing pier! and she is stunning

  • jhf60

    #21 … I'm looking at you, the same way you're looking at me.

  • Nate Woodard

    #16 What the hell is Rosie O'Donnell doing on the Chive???!?!?

    • phydor

      …and then she died

  • Robert

    #22 FIND

    • Hermes

      Her name might be Anya


      • staticnoise

        you my friend are AWESOME!

        • Dave

          Yes, yes he is!

      • SquishyFlint

        AKA: Anya, Fibby, Ira, Irin, Irina, Irma B, Phiby (and probably a couple others). Seriously, just copy and paste that list into GIS.

  • TC

    Gotta go with #5

    • Robofsemi

      is very hot but that suit doesn't do her justice.

    • biggles


    • SATexas4life

      #5 Needs to marry me, end of discussion.

  • Eli

    #11 Love it. Seems like the girl next door type. Very sexy

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #10, #12, #19, #21, #23 – <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


    • ChronicUser

      23 is Ashley Ann Vickers

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      You`ve gone emoticon crazy muthafucka

  • Alex

    #23 Need to find!! So beautiful!!!!

  • Chuz


    Angelic face

    • Chris.topher


    • James

      I wouldn't mind some More. At all.

  • ortizj1413

    #23 Goddess! MOAR..

    • blablalba

      ashley ann vickers

  • Chuz


  • Dano

    #11 for the win! MOAR of this hottie please!!

  • tlow

    The legs on23 wow!

  • dailyfun

    pic #6 and #9 should come first… 😀

    • Ho_ceh

      6,9, come….I see what you did there…

    • bob

      but i always come first…

  • Guest

    Lost? …I'm Okay with that

  • Tommy P

    #8 find her NOW!

    • tommytwotime

      dude you're my name doppleganger

  • Dan

    #3 is cute as heck

  • alan


    • dude

      ashley ann vickers

  • Franzie

    If you're not going to put it on right, might as well not put it on at all. Jus sayin.

    • SquishyFlint

      I'll second that. Motion carries 😉

    • lonin

      No tan lines that way either.

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