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  • Joe

    thats 3 minutes of my life I will never get back

  • Avon

    Thats it?

  • pufffdragon

    Best thing about this video was the song. What is it anyway?

    • Some Guy

      Song is Booty Swing by Parov Stelar

    • pufffdragon

      Thank you kind sir

  • npfiii

    Holy fuck, that was dull…

  • Alex

    That was totally epic.

    I particularly liked the part with the water.

    Best Short Film Oscar, right here.


  • http://twitter.com/dhavenhand @dhavenhand

    that blond guy is a f**king tool.

    • Andy

      Thinking the exact same thing. Chive put him in the next douchebag section.

  • Goober

    this is why the world hates australians. the waterslide looked weak as well.. lamest thing I've ever seen on The Chive

  • embarrased

    What a bunch of bogans!

  • Dee

    Would've been better as a 20 second video…

    … especially since it wouldn't have had that knob talking about people washing their dishes in water he shitted in. Do you really think they pump it straight without some kind of filtering / cleaning? I was embarrassed to be an Aussie at that point…

  • A2_tha_MFK

    Argh there alright, looked fun to me. Couple of Bogan guys but I'm sure they are harmless enough. Get off your high horses people.

  • Werehairy

    Why did a group of dicks have to represent the Aussies??? I swear, we're not all like that.

  • Me Yo

    The world doesn't hate Australians, you have us confused with Americans…the world hates Americans…get it right

  • pooper

    at least the water looks clean…

  • shnugs

    Yeah, Aussies are treated pretty well from what iv seen. Still, I'm sure if you lot got to slide down you would be having fun too.

  • slc

    just wouldn't be the same without getting virtually mooned at the end..

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