• hurrdeedurr


    • haha

      lost 5 mirrion to isildur1

  • jin

    bieber my balls

  • Trachtenberger


  • curvingedge

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  • DChiver

    kinda like when I see boobies… 😀

  • Alex

    You could hand me a briefcase full of money and my joy would now be as pure and limitless as Jack's. Goddamn, kids are lucky.

  • http://nipio.net/2012/03/04/%ce%b1%ce%b3%ce%bd%ce%ae-%ce%b1%ce%b8%cf%8e%ce%b1-%cf%87%ce%b1%cf%81%ce%ac-%ce%b2%ce%af%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%b5%ce%bf/ Αγνή, αθώα χαρά! (Βίντεο) « Nipio.net

    […] Δείτε το βίντεο πατώντας εδώ! […]

  • Ben

    Get a padlock for that thing and the parents get a couple of hours of pure joy

  • redbairn


    I'll get my coat…

  • arn


  • aaa

  • Mahmoudy

    This, actually IS adulterated. His parents bought him the balls only so that they could film his reaction and then post it. In that sense, it is not pure.
    By the way pure and unadulterated mean the exact same thing.
    Know how people are embarrassed when their parents show pictures of them as kids to strangers? Well, these people just took that to a new level. No consideration for their son's future or future privacy.

    • Oliver

      chill out bro!

  • Mark


  • Dan

    That moment when you realize you will never be as happy in your life as this kid is in that very moment.

  • tallfrog62

    those balls will end up in every corner of the house. They will be finding those things until the day he moves out… and beyond.

  • Headfade

    When he's older that kid is going to have no problem holding as many limes as he wants…

  • Irishwolfhound

    That childs behaviour makes me curious about his IQ.

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