A Monday Morning Chivette (31 HQ Photos)

Over the past month, this mystery Chivette from Edmonton has been sending in photos of herself and her assets, for the Chivers' viewing pleasure. Many of the photos are set against the backdrop of a pane of glass, the cold Canadian winter lurking just outside.

Something you might not know, this Chivette always sends in her photos on Monday morning with a note that she hopes her tush makes the start of everybody's work week a little bit brighter. For many of us who dread Mondays, I think she's done just that.

So why not give this awesome Chivette her own Monday post? And here we go….

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  • graham

    oh goddamn……

  • I will let you down

    You had me at HELLO.

  • Prezz22

    You are very elegant, thank you for the submissions!

  • I will let you down


    That’s my favorite one.

  • Anonymous

    Officially one lucky guy behind that camera.

  • Mr. White


  • Chrism

    Mmmm from my home town wish i could get to know her more!

  • Canam5105

    # 23 & # 25

  • roadgypsy247

    That's it. I'm moving to Canada, ehh?

  • jjj464


  • captain caveman

    I would love to see those humps n da morning cookn me breakfast. Favorite pic# 17 ; )

  • Jack

    A++ #1 She should be THE whole calendar. Thank You Oh Canada!

  • roadhog0

    How I wish we could see the face behind that beauty :/

  • Fungus

    Wow, just wow.

  • Horney Toad

    Please show your face!! Keep the pics coming!!!

  • Lost Canadian in Texas

    Chive please add gorgeous Chivette to your normal Monday morning posts! I need MOAR!

  • Anonymous

    I wanna know what’s so interestIng outside that damn window!!!

  • WaikikiWayne

    Awesome… No other word needed to describe this Chivette.

  • Tom

    i live the female form

  • Tom


  • ryley

    HAHAHA Edmonton's cold winter…. or not. It's the warmest it has been in 45 years!

  • Buscuit

    Looks like she's carved out of wood

  • Indio

    forgive me sexy stranger, if i may be so brash as to say you are the hottest woman i have ever seen on this site. the wife is currently mad at be because its tuesday, so if you want a man to run away with, hit me back.

    just kidding. you are damn sexy though.

  • Mojofotoman

    uh.. #18 – Did anyone see my concentration? I'm pretty sure I lost it around here..

  • northerner

    #3, #12, #13, #14, Holy Moly. The Gap. In fact, Holy Moly all the pics. Totally gorgeously outstandingly stunning. Monitor melting stuff!

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