A Monday Morning Chivette (31 HQ Photos)

Over the past month, this mystery Chivette from Edmonton has been sending in photos of herself and her assets, for the Chivers' viewing pleasure. Many of the photos are set against the backdrop of a pane of glass, the cold Canadian winter lurking just outside.

Something you might not know, this Chivette always sends in her photos on Monday morning with a note that she hopes her tush makes the start of everybody's work week a little bit brighter. For many of us who dread Mondays, I think she's done just that.

So why not give this awesome Chivette her own Monday post? And here we go….

  • another nerd

    That’s it moving to Canada

  • zgl

    #3 and a very merry monday it was… =)

  • Euhhh


    Get fucked.
    Canada rules
    You fail at school because you’re american
    Putin’s a fraud
    Go Devils

    • boobies

      fuck you euhhh eat my fucking cokck you fucking fuckiy fuck

  • Mark

    Thank You beautiful unknown chivette!!

  • Smash

    Made my Monday!!!!!!!! Thank You

  • Nate Woodard


  • The Chird

    Everything I’ve been saying about Canadians I want to retract. I love Canadians.

  • vic_vega

    That's enough to make me want to go back to that frozen wasteland and become an Oilers fan!

  • JDB85


  • Tony

    God damn. Just. God damn.

  • Cody

    Changes my perspective on Canadians…. I want to move to Canada now!

  • Capt. Bo jangles

    Changing your name and pretending multiple ppl dislike her is fuckin lame….. She has a stunning body, you (whoever you are) are pathetic and should probably stop chive’n seeing as though you obviously cannot KCCO.

    • Capt. Bo jangles

      fuck you captain you fucking idiot

  • Mike

    As if #23 wasn't hot enough, it looks as if she's even making bacon…? Awesome.

  • nick

    #5 im in love again

  • hahaha

    hey your thighs are fat. just sayin

  • Barak

    eh, she's average.

  • http://siriusswag.tumblr.com Carlos

    A redhead with a smoking body. /lust

  • Faust

    #17…When you see it…

  • Wonderful McAwesome

    @ Pic #11: I see you have same Knubbig Lamp as i do…

    We are meant to be my lovely. Will be in Edmonton in the comings weeks from a bit further north! Maybe the stars will cross our paths.

  • Dnasty

    jesus christ. is this heaven?

  • KingThing

    #25 Who can forget that ass from Hump Day…..
    And #11 stopped me in my tracks.
    Very beautiful body……..Much love to a wonderfully built, natural Chivette

  • Sean R.

    this chivette NEEDS her own weekly section

  • youngNYC23

    just get naked already

  • MattyBoh

    Good god that is a great sphincter!

  • Anonymous

    Needed and enjoyed 🙂 ty for your participation

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