• NCF

    Gorgeous smile… wow

  • mlynn

    She is adorable and has the perfect smile!!!

  • Gallus

    I'll definitely buy her album!

  • Shogun75

    I just got diabetes watching this, she's so sweet!

  • Peeyoink!

    Please be 18

  • BDUB030711


  • ron

    Girl needs to get on American Idol.

    Winner for sure. She rocks.

  • Stephen

    Great way to start a Monday….. get a photographer out to her STAT… er, that is if she is old enough

  • Cory

    i'm in love. lol.

  • Jazzy Jerry

    Find her… Make her marry us

  • Tyler

    ThisGirl > Nikki

  • KCCO

    Way better than Nicki Minaj, plus 10x better looking, FIND HER!

  • Krissy

    Wow, she is gorgeous & i got goose bumps when she sang.. Double Plus! 🙂

  • xzapato

    wonderful 🙂

  • Not a Nicki Fan

    Like an earlier poster, I had never heard of Nicki Minaj. So I YouTubed the original of the song.

    Utter dogshit. So. It's not just that Adorable Ukulele Girl is Adorable, but that Adorable Ukulele Girl Takes Total Train-Wreck of a Song and Makes It Shine, Adorably.

  • Keith_D

    My God, she's beautiful…

    Please find her.

  • rob

    10 times better than nicki manaj, cute and talented

  • Larry

    Chive, do your thing and make this one famous

  • DO IT!

    CHIVE!! you know what to do, FIND HER!!!

  • Asian Smiles

    Support her on YOUTUBE! Just cuz she is that awesome! Plus other covers = MORE BEAUTIFUL SMILES!!

    • 0-0

      Damn you beat me to it lol

  • AzChiver


  • jose

    This girl is waaay tu cute 😀

  • girvan59

    that just made my entire day…. she is amazing!

  • Mr owl

    This video makes me want to place myself on Megan’s law. There I said it.

  • Shat_Thrice

    She makes my heart weep tears of joy. Superstar pending.

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