• Andrew

    im in looooooove.

  • Matt

    Chive on all that you are plz bring us moar of her!

  • cheynecg

    Calling in sick to work tomorrow….I have Yellow Fever.

  • WailingFungus

    Why can’t beautiful women like her, with talent and poise walk into my life?

    I’ll tell you why; because they don’t walk. They fly on the wings of angel’s into theChive and straight into some wretched D-Bags arms, where they’re not appreciated like the should be. I need to just kill myself.

  • Snowman

    Simply awesome! How does Nicki Minaj perform at the grammys instead of this amazing performance. This is 100% true talent!!!

  • Chris

    Agreed!!! Beautiful

  • Mikey


  • neal

    super bass: no bass, but full of super!

  • sauk


  • Mag

    So this is why girls take so long in the bathroom. Reason accepted.


    She's cute but annoying as fuck.

  • Scotty C

    Well now I smell Sunshine and I believe a unicorn was just born.

  • JJcas15

    Wow… Loved this!!

  • @linken

    and kids… That's how i met your mother…

  • Ale

    I counted 300 teeth…

  • scary69

    never heard the song before dont listen the crap getting played nowadays,but she was really good and cute with asmile that could melt any talent judge but please dont go on any of those fucking shows get a good agent the only person that makes money outta those shows is cowell

  • Chach

    Can't tell if hair pulled behind ear…or Skrillex

  • Brad

    I hate Nicki Minaj… but this adorable girl with her smile makes a terrible song listenable. It might be that she has a great voice.

  • Joshh

    chive, find herrr!

  • Dan

    the important question here is does she have skrillex hair or does it just look like the side of her head is shaved

  • rick c


  • Ceejhay

    Chive On little Girl!

  • Allan Grimard

    how come this vid didn't make thechive?

  • Wildboy

    She's got my heart running away with that smile, holy hell she's great. 🙂

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